Lost in time, seriously!


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Lost in time, seriously!

Hello to all,

I am new to this site, and feel I have a lot to share. I have scoured the net, doing a tremendous amount of research on the possibilities of time travel. I have read some really "unbelivable" stories, and then I have read some stories that seem legit. Never the less, I have spent endless hours and countless headaches trying to come to terms with what I believe to be happening to me.

I know there's a lot of skeptics out there, and I know the skeptics eat this kind of stuff up, so feel free to voice your opinion or ask any questions on the matter at hand.

I feel I encounter time differencials on a regular basis, both back and forward. But never a huge differencial in time lost or gained. I know what dejavu is, and I know this is not what is happening to me. I'll keep the experinces short.

Example (1995) My car broke down on county road on my way home from work, after walking for nearly ten minutes a car approached (The only car I seen) and what caught my attention was it was clearly a classic. A woman (Appeared to be in early 30's) was driving, and that also was strange. Instead of asking me if I needed a ride, she asked me if I was headed to "Spots". I had no clue what she was talking about. I simply replied "No mamm" or something of that nature. A tremendous feeling of Lost came over me, but I was certain where I was. What else was weird was, her all out appearance. Though I didnt have a whole lot of time to look at her, she just seemed different than what I was use to seeing on a normal basis. She was listening to "classic" music, and what was strange about that was, there hadn't been a classic radio station in our area for the past 5-6 years. She drove off, never offering a ride, and going very slow. I noticed the license plates were very different than what I was use to also, but had the local county sticker on it.

A few days later, while visiting family, I told someone about my experience. I learned that "Spots" was the happening place back in the late 50's but closed only a few years after it opened. Now, I'm not sure if it was me that was "out of time" or if it was the lady in the car. I reached town that night, and all was normal.

I literally have experiences like this all the time. while most of my experiences are much greater than this, they do not seem to be as far out of time.

In time, As I become familliar with people who are regualrs here, I will be more than glad to share some of them experiences. Thanks for reading.
Lost in time, seriously!

Cool bucko. Welcome to the plantation. Story is entertaining to say the least. You wanna post over in the TT questionaire thread bud? We'd all appreciate it. Thanks for your kind consideration. Shouldn't have too much trouble here. We're a polite society, despite the occasional rambunctious types. Or as our British friend Ralan says, eh up Unsure TT?


Lost in time, seriously!


Welcome to our forum!

Yes, you will meet both skeptics and believers.

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Lost in time, seriously!

I read a similar story in a book i have about the paranormal , they suggest the people like you saw from different time periods are stuck in 'time loops'
Lost in time, seriously!

Welcome to the site man. Can't say that I disbelieve you, but that's part of why this site is fun. I'm very interested in hearing your other experiences, as you seem like you've got a level head and you didn't come on here ranting and raving about alternate realities like some people have.

Again, welcome. Hope we get to know ya better.
Lost in time, seriously!

I concur with the Heggy here.

My only advice to you would be this. As Mom has said, we have believers and none-belivers here, so be patient with the bombardment of questions that you WILL get and also with the doubting voices. Patience goes a long way here, after all we are all travelling the same road and need good companionship along the way

Welcome to our family.
Lost in time, seriously!

Ok. Has your particular life line been disrupted? Are YOU missing years or have traveled in some way that you think you have missed time?
Lost in time, seriously!

Hi again everyone.

I've only posted once on this site, about a time travel experience (one of many) that I have had. I don't see the post anywhere, maybe it got deleted or I just overlooked it. Anyway, I have had the unpleasant ability to experience things from the past and from the future. The reason it is unpleasant is, anytime I have these experiences, I feel an overwhelming sense of fear and completely disoriented. Any time I have a TT experience, it normally doesn't last that long (at least it doesn't seem long). And to be perfectly honest, they almost seem pointless.

I've never had an experience where I witnessed something huge, such as china invading the states or the sinking of the titanic. But I assure you, I do have TT experiences. at first, I denied it. I didn't want to believe it. I pawned it off as my experiences being dreams. But I had to come to the realization that they are not dreams and that there has to be a reason this is happening to me.

Now check this out. my neighbor has lived beside me for the past year. I have shared some of my stories with him, and he has always been real supportive. Recently, with the help of a few mixxed drinks, he told me that he was me. Folks, there is a tremendous resemblance between the two of us, but I never once gave it much thought. I have to admit, I avoided him for a few days and pondered on what all he told me that night. He told me things about me, that only I knew. He told me he wasn't sent here in no "time machine", but it was very important for him to be here. He explained to me that I eventually learn to control my TT experiences. I asked him why it was so important for him to be here, and he simply said "because".

This guy is a very credible person, but I am having the hardest time believing him, but yet I don't. He would tell me nothing to prove his story, and that is something I know I would not do either. I have never felt I had to prove myself or my experiences to anyone.

After so much thought, this is what I came up with. The guy (apparently the older me) has almost the same exact interests in the same things that I do. He has a scar on his forehead in the same exact place as I do, just a little less visible. He's slightly skinnier than I am, but my weight does flux a little. He lives by himself and never, ever has any company. The guy don't work, but drives a really nice car. He tells me that over time, he will reveal things that will not effect my future.

As of right now, as much as I have encountered, I must say I think he's blowing smoke up my ass. But there's just so much that can't be overlooked either.

I need advice, and I need it bad. How can I find out if this guy is yanking my chain or if he is the real me?

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Lost in time, seriously!

Wow, sorry everyone, I wasn't ignoring you all. I thought my post had been deleted. Turns out (as we all know now) it was moved to here. You people are really a great bunch of people, and it feels good that I can come here and share my experiences with everyone.

It's really hard for me to put things into perspective, when I do not know what perspective is anymore. All I know, is I experience these "time loops" almost on a regular basis. Is it possible that one person can be the victim of time? I'm really beginning to think so.

Earlier today, I posted again (my second post on this site). There's some really interesting things going on in my life as the post will read, and it's almost to much for me to take in.

As far as I know, I don't believe I have ever lost any time. My most recent experience was 8 days ago. I somehow was caught in the year 1992, for an extended amount of time. I never know how I get to these points in time, I just know I am there. And I don't have the slightest clue how I arrive back in the year 2004 either. I wish I could control my feelings when these experiences happen to me, because I am just lost in fear when they happen.

My trip to 1992 was no different. I live in a small town where everybody knows almost everybody, but nobody seemed to recognize me. I had no clue to what year it was at first. Then I seen an add on a billboard sign that told me it was 1992. Things were exactly the way they were in my past 1992. I seen things that are now long gone, which seems to boost my fear.

(from my post earlier today on "Are you one?") now my neighbor, who claims to be an older me, has really stirred me up emotionally. He seems so believable, with all that he has told me about me. But I just can't fully believe him......er me, I guess. He only told me things I already know about myself, but only things that only I would know. It's been a hectic few days since this has come to surface. I will keep you all informed, the more he tells me.....I will tell you. If he turns out to be lying to me, I will tell you all this as well.
Lost in time, seriously!

Here is the answer to your question regarding your neighbor. Ask him for three things. His finger prints from both hands on clear packing tape then lightly fold a clean strip over the one with the prints. His saliva sample on a clean swab that you put into a sterile test tube and tape the end of the tube at the end sealing it into the tube. Do not touch the swab with your fingers. Lastly a sample of blood in a small vial. If this person is who he says he is, and has nothing but good will towards you, he should have no reason to hide. His reaction to your request will be interesting to say the least.

Then just take your collection to the nearest police lab and see if you can convince them to test what you have against samples from your own body.

A new and unique situation for this forum.

Good luck.