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Nov 15, 2018
I just started a new channel on YouTube to try and help and explain the paranormal to whoever is interested or needs it. The question here is, would any of you that see this subscribe and watch.

I also want to get in contact with people who have had experiences, videos, pics etc. with ANYTHING paranormal. If you think you have something that you would like to send me, respond to this thread and I will send you my email


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Feb 8, 2015
i see the gets a good mention in this other video from another channell
Excellent research for finding this video cobber Steve (y):cool:..

The video was posted on September 21st 2017, and was also commenting on a Lord Henry "Catherton", that was actually Lord Henry Chatterton who was twice banned as a "Hoaxer" prior to September 2017...The "Briar" organisation and the Chronos Velocipede mentioned in the video clip, were all part of two elaborate "hoaxes" that will be found on page 5 of our Time-Travellers forum...Go take a look at them Steve (y):D..

The video also provided a very humorous scenario of the Chronos Velocipede, which depicted a guy falling of an old "Penny Farthing bicycle":LOL:..
I was very flattered that Bill Madon used the Penny Farthing bicycle in the video, which i used myself when taking the piss out of the so called Chronos Velocipede, that you will see on page 1 of the Chronos Velocipede hoax :LOL:..

Below is a picture of a group of Penny Farthing enthusiast cyclists riding over Waterloo Bridge, in the 21st century :LOL:..