Part #11 mIRC; Alexanders chat logs for Feb. 19, 2004: Alexander was a friend of John Titor


Time Travel Professor
Jun 11, 2004
Part #11 mIRC; Alexanders chat logs for Feb. 19, 2004: Alexander was a friend of John Titor

mIRC Feb. 19, 2004; Alexanders chat thanks to KPAX

Posted by: Professor Opmmur
Session Start: February 19, 02:55, 2004
Session Ident: #TimeTravellersInn

[02:55] <Guest85658> im ready Alexander Objections and laughing my ass off
[02:55] <Guest85658> oh sorry about the name
[02:55] * Guest85658 is now known as AlexanderTT
[02:55] <AlexanderTT> thats better
[02:55] <DWOMT> haa haa haa oh hey Alex
[02:56] <DWOMT> I was just playing Dragonball Z Budokai 2 on my Playstation 2..I love that game
[02:56] <AlexanderTT> i wish madice would wake up his objections are the worst
[02:56] <AlexanderTT> they have a dbz game?!?!?
[02:56] <DWOMT> oh yeah...two of them
[02:56] <DWOMT> but Budokai 2 is the best
[02:56] <AlexanderTT> wow neat!!
[02:57] <DWOMT> you should go get it...i bet you'd love it
[02:57] <AlexanderTT> i might give that playstation thing a try
[02:57] <DWOMT> nothing is funnier than having Goku go SSJ3 against Frieza
[02:58] <catman1> Whats up Alex????
[02:58] <catman1> been gone a couple days??
[03:01] <catman1> Hows the divergence problem????
[03:03] <DWOMT> here you go Alex
[03:03] <DWOMT>
[03:03] <DWOMT> Budokai 2
[03:04] <AlexanderTT> im sorry everyone if I am silent I am destroying MadIce's objections on the forum
[03:10] <AlexanderTT> im back
[03:11] <AlexanderTT> anyone still awake now?
[03:11] <DWOMT> I am
[03:12] <AlexanderTT> anyone have anything they want to talk about?
[03:12] <AlexanderTT> I do
[03:12] <DWOMT> ok what's on your mind?
[03:12] <AlexanderTT> wait a minute
[03:13] <AlexanderTT> something is wrong here
[03:13] <DWOMT> ok
[03:13] <catman1> Hows your divergence problem that you talked about the other day??
[03:13] <AlexanderTT> interesting how I ended up in a NEW room with the same moderators as the old room
[03:13] <AlexanderTT> no new breakthroughs catman1
[03:14] <catman1> still think your at 91%
[03:14] <AlexanderTT> i still think im 0.9% away from home
[03:14] <catman1> what did you say then limit was to being trapped??
[03:15] <AlexanderTT> well, I'll never go back to my true home that's for sure, but anything over 2% is unsettling, and anything over 20% I would rather commit suicide than try to go back home
[03:16] <catman1> were you saying some type of event was likely with a couple of weeks???
[03:17] <catman1> within
[03:17] <AlexanderTT> maybe
[03:17] <catman1> why maybe
[03:17] <AlexanderTT> any idea about the moderator thing?
[03:17] <AlexanderTT> i find that strange
[03:17] <catman1> the other room had some trouble I think with people getting on...Im not sure exactlly...I think this room has a bot!!
[03:18] <AlexanderTT> I think its only a matter of time before I get kick/banned from here too, and lynnesny was right, this time I will not return
[03:18] <catman1> why willl you get kicked now?
[03:18] <AlexanderTT> well lets see, although I dont care if someone does not believe me, MadIce is generally hostile to me
[03:19] <DWOMT> I get kicked all the time..haa haa haa..but oh well *shrugs*
[03:19] <catman1> And are you answering about the 'event' because you dont know or because of the timeline being different??
[03:20] <AlexanderTT> neither
[03:20] <AlexanderTT> im answering maybe
[03:21] <catman1> Im still confused
[03:21] <catman1> just an"event" could not get you into trouble!!!
[03:23] <AlexanderTT> description of event and set time predicted can get me into a lot of "trouble"
[03:23] <AlexanderTT> but I will say this again, ....
[03:24] <AlexanderTT> you missed an event already I predicted (around super bowl) , there will be a big event before the election and a MAJOR event after
[03:24] <AlexanderTT> very major
[03:24] <catman1> I guess we did not think it was major and neither did the media???
[03:25] <catman1> I still dont know what happened!!
[03:25] <DWOMT> are all these events bad or good Alex?
[03:27] <catman1> If something is very major 'under the table' we are not going to know until whatever it is 'affects'us!!!
[03:30] <AlexanderTT> this is the moral problems I face everyday
[03:30] <AlexanderTT> tell you and disrupt the natural order of things or not tell you and have a hard time sleeping
[03:31] <DWOMT> just act like Titor did..throw hints out at us..haa haa haa
[03:31] <AlexanderTT> that has been my intentions so far DWOMT
[03:31] <AlexanderTT> and I have tried the best I can but you people dont put hints together very well
[03:31] <DWOMT> I do..i can't speak for others though
[03:31] <AlexanderTT> if you did, you would already know for a fact what you want to know about JT
[03:32] <AlexanderTT> the same goes for me also
[03:33] <DWOMT> i have ideas what is coming..i dream of future events quite's a gift in my native american blood
[03:34] <AlexanderTT> i wish so much for everyone here to finally figure it all out
[03:34] <catman1> My wife is Navajo and has that type of dream....but I dont understand why you cant just say yes or no without giving details??
[03:34] <AlexanderTT> but you want and you probably never will
[03:35] <AlexanderTT> i am seriously growing tired of these games
[03:35] <catman1> do you feel like people are after you now???
[03:35] <DWOMT> well's hard to decipher things from words like "maybe"..that gives a real point in the right direction
[03:35] <AlexanderTT> but did I not follow that up after the maybe
[03:35] <AlexanderTT> I always do
[03:36] <catman1> If something does happen and we look back they will say Alex only said 'maybe"
[03:36] <DWOMT> exactly catman
[03:36] <AlexanderTT> ok then I retract the maybe
[03:36] <DWOMT> if you get tired of our games..then maybe we get tired of yours
[03:37] <DWOMT> we're not idiots..stop treating us as such
[03:37] <DWOMT> I personally don't think someone who supported nuking his fellow countrymen as a bright beacon of light himself
[03:37] <AlexanderTT> but then again, who cares, your proof will come in the form of a civil war and martial law, and I already know that many of you will come running to me screaming for advice when that happens, but it will be too late you would not have read the advice I had already given you
[03:38] <AlexanderTT> i do not think you are idiots
[03:38] <DWOMT> you sure treat us like we are
[03:38] <catman1> I dont think we would not advice...I think most of us would know what to do
[03:38] <AlexanderTT> i do not dislike any of you personally
[03:39] <AlexanderTT> if only you could be in my shoes one day and see who hard it is to answer the questions whithout prooving you are who you say you are and then being hunted down
[03:39] <DWOMT> i don't think a civil war is least not in the short timeframe you describe..sorry
[03:40] <AlexanderTT> it is that attitude that will bring it DWOMT
[03:40] <DWOMT> bull
[03:40] <DWOMT> yes our society is our Govt is corrupt..doesn't that describe all of human history?
[03:40] <AlexanderTT> it is that attitude that caused it, you are too comfortible in your current situations and you would never dream of starting a revolution
[03:40] <DWOMT> Americans killing Americans is a bull story
[03:41] <DWOMT> you make the assumption that i am comfortable..and you are dead wrong
[03:41] <AlexanderTT> it happens everyday DWOMT
[03:41] <AlexanderTT> America has a higher murder rate by facters of ten than any other country in the world
[03:41] <AlexanderTT> face it, your country right now is the worst on the planet
[03:42] <AlexanderTT> in many ways
[03:42] <DWOMT> i've been training in martial arts and sword fighting techniques all my life..but not because of a civil war or a corrupt be able to defend myself because the world is not a safe place. it never has been
[03:42] <AlexanderTT> really?
[03:42] <DWOMT> yes
[03:42] <catman1> I brought up something about the election and you said I was closer than anybody thinks on what I said...I thought that was a good response..because then I knew what to look do we have to keep guessing and you will tell us if we are right??
[03:42] <AlexanderTT> is that why Canada has not a a SINGLE murder in 3 YEARS?
[03:42] <AlexanderTT> your time
[03:43] <catman1> no murder in Canada in 3 years?????????????????
[03:43] <AlexanderTT> catman1, I have reveiled secrets to few choice people, they know, and maybe you will too
[03:43] <DWOMT> theres always a murder somewhere's called "human history"
[03:43] <AlexanderTT> nope
[03:43] <AlexanderTT> your wrong, always a murder in america or the world
[03:44] <DWOMT> people seem to act like the world was such a Utopia before America's birth in 1776
[03:44] <AlexanderTT> there are other countries without murder too
[03:44] <AlexanderTT> nope the world was terrible before 1776, very messy
[03:45] <catman1> my city had 150 murders just last year!!!!!!!!!!!
[03:45] <AlexanderTT> oh and by the way , I have reveiled proof to few choice people also
[03:45] <AlexanderTT> nice place to live catman1
[03:45] <AlexanderTT> we have no murder where I am from
[03:46] <AlexanderTT> not that I have heard of for 20 years at least
[03:46] <DWOMT> no civil war is gonna happen Alex. 90% of US servicemen would refuse to harm civilians because majority of them are volunteers who have families of their own, or they are college kids earning their tution money. Plus most americans would fight back anyways...Americans would turn on their Govt, not each other.
[03:46] <AlexanderTT> AH! but we did turn on the government
[03:46] <AlexanderTT> and the percentage was far less than 90%
[03:46] <DWOMT> whats the percentage then?
[03:47] <AlexanderTT> does not every military man and women sign a contract saying that they WOULD fire on there own countrymen
[03:47] <AlexanderTT> about 40-45% defected to our side
[03:48] <DWOMT> yes they sign, but most wouldn't do it. they would just blow off that rule as they signed it just to get into the army.
[03:48] <DWOMT> i would just sign and ignore that stupid rule if I was entering the army
[03:49] <AlexanderTT> really?
[03:49] <DWOMT> yes..i would never fire on innocent american civilians
[03:49] <AlexanderTT> propoganda is a really really strong motivation tool
[03:49] <AlexanderTT> you do not consider them innocent at the time my friend
[03:49] <AlexanderTT> where do you live DWOMT
[03:49] <DWOMT> and how in the world are the cities occupied?..tanks at the edge of the city limits?..haa haa haa
[03:49] * catman1 was kicked by Jorune (Caps abuse - 98%)
[03:50] <DWOMT> I am in San Antonio, Texas
[03:50] <AlexanderTT> you live in texas and you dont believe a civil war is coming?
[03:50] <AlexanderTT> thats odd
[03:50] <DWOMT> Texas is perfectly fine
[03:51] <DWOMT> nobody here is in revolt
[03:51] * Cyberbomb`sleep has joined #alexanderttonline
[03:51] <AlexanderTT> open your eyes!!! nobody saw 911 coming either!!
[03:51] <Cyberbomb`sleep> hey all
[03:51] <DWOMT> plus Texans would never roll over and let anyone boss them around
[03:51] * Cyberbomb`sleep is now known as Cyberbomb
[03:51] <AlexanderTT> they are in revolt RIGHT NOW , a very silent one, but it will get a voice
[03:51] <DWOMT> ok Alex..I am in San Antonio...tell me what happens to my city
[03:51] <DWOMT> i want to hear this
[03:52] <AlexanderTT> san antonio, well lets see, let me pull from my over 20 years old memory about a part of the country that I wasnt in at the time
[03:52] <Cyberbomb> haa haa haa
[03:52] <AlexanderTT> do you want specifics?
[03:52] <DWOMT> i understand your not from here..but tell me as much as you know
[03:53] <DWOMT> starting from now till 2039
[03:53] <DWOMT> of San Antonio
[03:53] <Cyberbomb> mmm, this should be interesting =D
[03:53] * catman1 has joined #AlexanderTTonline
[03:53] <Cyberbomb> hey catman =D
[03:53] <AlexanderTT> it along with houston, dallas , corpus, etc.. become occupied with US troops
[03:53] <DWOMT> what year?
[03:54] <AlexanderTT> do you want the exact date martial law is declared?
[03:54] <DWOMT> no dates..just year
[03:54] <AlexanderTT> i remember that date very well
[03:54] <AlexanderTT> 2005
[03:54] <DWOMT> ok a month?
[03:54] <catman1> I was lost for a minuteI was on and then I was not
[03:54] <AlexanderTT> im still in the main room so I will say, first quarter of that year
[03:54] <Cyberbomb> haa haa haa, i lost some of this log cous hobo dalnet disconnected me while I slept
[03:55] <DWOMT> you once told me the Alamo was destroyed..what year Alex?
[03:55] <AlexanderTT> the year the alamo was detroyed , do not quote me on this, I dont remember for sure 100% i think it was 2011
[03:56] <DWOMT> took them that long to destroy it?..haa haa haa
[03:56] <DWOMT> when do Texans start fighting back?..give me the year
[03:56] <AlexanderTT> they started losing in texas, my question for you is, IT TOOK THEM THAT LONG TO RISE UP AND FIGHT!?!?
[03:57] <DWOMT> Texans waited till 2011 to fight back?..I don't believe that
[03:57] <AlexanderTT> I didnt say that
[03:57] <AlexanderTT> but it took them that long to get motivated enough to start winning
[03:57] <DWOMT> then when did Texans start fighting back?
[03:58] <AlexanderTT> but dont feel bad alabama was fighting a losing battle
[03:58] <AlexanderTT> that question is hard to answer DWOMT, the fighting started all over in late 2004 and steadily got worse
[03:58] <DWOMT> from your perspective outside of Texas Alex...what was so good about Texas that we were winning?..what was our advantages?..our numbers?..weapons?..what?
[03:59] <catman1> did you say that civil war starts with a protet in dc???
[03:59] <catman1> protest
[03:59] <AlexanderTT> no
[03:59] <catman1> about the election???? I am just asking questions
[03:59] <catman1> does the election thing cause protests??
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Time Travel Professor
Jun 11, 2004
mIRC Feb. 19, 2004; Alexanders chat thanks to KPAX
Posted by: Professor Opmmur
Session Start: February 19, 02:55, 2004
Session Ident: #TimeTravellersInn

[04:00] <AlexanderTT> the civil was officially started in our history books on a certain day ONE US SOLDIER murdered a man in cold blood on the street
[04:00] <DWOMT> obviously catman
[04:00] <DWOMT> now theres a true possibility Alex
[04:00] <AlexanderTT> by the time election is over, you should all know I am telling you the truth , lets just say that
[04:01] <DWOMT> answer my question Alex..what made Texas so special that they were winning when other states weren't?
[04:01] <AlexanderTT> DWOMT, it is hard to stop a war after something like that happens
[04:01] <catman1> electoral college?
[04:01] <AlexanderTT> they were able to operate independently without help like imported goods, also they had a higher percentage of people who rebelled
[04:02] <DWOMT> what percentage?
[04:02] <AlexanderTT> once again(have been asked that before) just a guess, about 45-60%
[04:02] <DWOMT> an estimate is fine
[04:03] <DWOMT> so Texans weren't resorting to cannabalism like other states were?
[04:03] <AlexanderTT> however states like new york had maybe 10%
[04:03] <AlexanderTT> some had it hard I'm sure but tecas was in better shape than most
[04:03] <catman1> was the cannibalism in the nuke war?
[04:03] <DWOMT> 10%?..hmm I could see that
[04:04] <AlexanderTT> oh yeah and california had low percentage as well
[04:04] <DWOMT> california is very liberal..they wouldn't fight
[04:04] <AlexanderTT> no catman1, cannabalism was not seen after 2015 nuclear strike, at least not by me
[04:05] <AlexanderTT> starvation became our last concern
[04:05] <AlexanderTT> i know that sounds weird
[04:05] <DWOMT> i know i ask a lot of small questions Alex..but can my one big question be of who were the famous names coming out of Texas during the war?
[04:05] <AlexanderTT> no
[04:06] <DWOMT> i doubt i am one of them
[04:06] <AlexanderTT> they are alive today, you know my rule on that
[04:06] <DWOMT> they are still alive in 2039?
[04:06] <DWOMT> oh today
[04:06] <DWOMT> oops
[04:06] <AlexanderTT> i will tell you one thing though, but you will not believe me
[04:06] <DWOMT> so telling me if I am one of those names could jeopardize my future Alex?
[04:07] <catman1> how long do we have to have Ashcroft around?????
[04:07] <AlexanderTT> yes DWOMT
[04:07] <AlexanderTT> ashcroft?
[04:07] <DWOMT> i just wish i knew how much of a chance i have
[04:07] <AlexanderTT> isnt that the military guy?
[04:07] <DWOMT> whats that one thing Alex?
[04:08] <AlexanderTT> there was a general who was very important and brilliant military strategist that came from texas, and he was only 17 yrs old at the time
[04:08] <catman1> yesI thought he had a lot to do with the Patriot Act
[04:08] <DWOMT> not me then
[04:09] <AlexanderTT> just what for the revisions in the patriot act, if you dont come running in here screaming, ALEX YOU RIGHT!! then you would not have read it
[04:09] <DWOMT> ok how about this names..but ages of the Generals in a particular year
[04:09] <DWOMT> Texas Generals
[04:09] <AlexanderTT> you test my memory DWOMT
[04:09] <DWOMT> haa haa haa
[04:09] <DWOMT> i figured I'd try
[04:10] <DWOMT> ok..anyone important who came out of San Antonio?
[04:11] <AlexanderTT> there was one who I met personally who was on the Governments side untill he saw the Alamo destroyed, I will always remember the day I met him, you could see hatred for his government radiating from him
[04:11] <AlexanderTT> and yes he was important later on
[04:11] <DWOMT> hmm don't think that was me then
[04:12] <AlexanderTT> he was the one who actually GAVE the command with his own voice!
[04:12] <DWOMT> how tall was he?
[04:12] <AlexanderTT> the sentence heard forever as we call it
[04:13] <AlexanderTT> much shorter than me
[04:13] <AlexanderTT> would you like me to quote the sentece heard forever? we all know it in my time
[04:13] <DWOMT> i don't see why they would hold has no strategic value at all
[04:13] <DWOMT> go ahead
[04:13] <AlexanderTT> OIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[04:14] <Cyberbomb> haa haa haa
[04:14] <DWOMT> oil?..haa haa haa
[04:15] <DWOMT> that doesn't make sense
[04:15] <AlexanderTT> MR. (sorry had to ommit name) you are cleared, I repeat cleared to launch on the United States of America, May God be with us ALL.
[04:15] <AlexanderTT> ever wonder why your government made a move to control a country that controls oil?
[04:15] <AlexanderTT> corpus has many refineries does it not?
[04:16] <AlexanderTT> it has a port to bring in oil does it not?
[04:16] <AlexanderTT> during war do you need oil?
[04:16] <AlexanderTT> a chill just went down your spine didnt it?
[04:16] <AlexanderTT> making sense now isnt it
[04:16] <DWOMT> i'm not sure if it does..never paid attention
[04:17] <DWOMT> yeah it has ports
[04:17] <DWOMT> plus it has the World War 2 Aircraft C
[04:17] <DWOMT> Carrier Lexington
[04:17] <DWOMT> in its harbor
[04:17] <AlexanderTT> please somebody tell me you have pieced this together!
[04:17] <AlexanderTT> please
[04:18] <DWOMT> sorry Alex..but we naturally have to be skeptical
[04:19] <AlexanderTT> ok, let me explain
[04:19] <AlexanderTT> during war you need oil
[04:19] <DWOMT> yes I know that
[04:19] <AlexanderTT> before the war and not during you make preperations to go to war
[04:19] <DWOMT> i know military strategy..its a gift I have
[04:19] <DWOMT> General Patton and General MacArthur are my idols
[04:19] <AlexanderTT> you make preperations to be able to supply yourself with things you need like oil
[04:20] <AlexanderTT> Alexander the Great is my Idol
[04:20] <AlexanderTT> your government attacks a country with plenty of oil
[04:20] <DWOMT> yes iraq
[04:20] <AlexanderTT> once the oil is secured and being pumped out by your troops
[04:21] <AlexanderTT> your ready
[04:21] <DWOMT> tell me, did any of the US navy defect?..not just sailors, but ships and equipment?
[04:21] <AlexanderTT> oh yes
[04:21] <DWOMT> any aircraft carriers on your side?
[04:21] <AlexanderTT> one
[04:21] <AlexanderTT> only one
[04:21] <AlexanderTT> I told about it before
[04:21] <DWOMT> just one?
[04:21] <DWOMT> that sucks
[04:21] <AlexanderTT> just one
[04:21] <Cyberbomb> the oil reserves are predicted to be exasted in 20 years... makes sense
[04:22] <DWOMT> there must have been one heck of a mutiny for there to be only one carrier to defect
[04:22] <AlexanderTT> the oild reserves if used only, KNOWING YOUR ENEMY COULD SHUT DOWN YOUR EXISTING PUMPS , would not be able to supply a WAR
[04:23] <AlexanderTT> so you ship in oil from a place your enemy cant get too
[04:23] <AlexanderTT> and tell soldiers that are supplying you with oil nothing of the war so they dont stop supyling you with it
[04:23] <AlexanderTT> making sense?
[04:23] <DWOMT> so the parts of the US Navy that defected?..what did they do...just sail around endlessly on the coastlines while all the fighting took place in the states?..haa haa haa sounds weird to me
[04:24] <Cyberbomb> yep
[04:24] <AlexanderTT> no they formed groups and tried to attack as best they could
[04:24] <AlexanderTT> thank you Cyberbomb
[04:24] <AlexanderTT> the plan to launch an attack on you has already started
[04:24] <DWOMT> so the troops in Iraq will know nothing of the war at home?
[04:25] <catman1> by who?
[04:25] <AlexanderTT> they will be sent Fake news
[04:25] <DWOMT> that is messed up
[04:25] <AlexanderTT> your government catman1
[04:25] <DWOMT> but in a way i can see it. HQ there never tells them about the protests at home
[04:25] <catman1> the ones behind Bush (not Bush) ????
[04:25] <AlexanderTT> they want all the pie, not just a peice and they are ready to try and take it
[04:26] <AlexanderTT> presidents in your time are just actors, for the T.V.
[04:26] <DWOMT> actors for who?
[04:26] <AlexanderTT> you
[04:26] <DWOMT> i mean who's behind the scenes?
[04:26] <Cyberbomb> whos the director then
[04:26] <AlexanderTT> to make you feel good inside and make you a happy little voter
[04:26] <DWOMT> controlling them
[04:27] <catman1> Im not voting for Bush
[04:27] <AlexanderTT> if we knew that for 100% for sure, I would have to make a report while im here
[04:27] <DWOMT> whats to stop them from reading Titor's story and yours Alex to change the future in their favor?
[04:27] <AlexanderTT> they probably have and are going to change propoganda accordingly
[04:28] <AlexanderTT> but they will not win the war due to what I or John has posted
[04:28] <DWOMT> sounds like you want a rebellion
[04:28] <DWOMT> even though I don't think one is coming
[04:28] <AlexanderTT> ive already had mine DWOMT
[04:29] <AlexanderTT> now its your turn, I'm just letting you know about it
[04:29] <DWOMT> it's just hard to see it Alex...I'm sorry
[04:29] <Cyberbomb> good luck mwomt =D
[04:29] <AlexanderTT> but trust me, you will decide to rebiel or not before the year is out
[04:30] <AlexanderTT> it will be your choice not mine
[04:30] <DWOMT> what part does Mexico play in the war?
[04:30] <AlexanderTT> i need some sleep, sorry for not staying longer, but I have someone I have to meet tommorrow. or actually later today my time
[04:30] <AlexanderTT> one word, refugees (mexico)
[04:30] <Cyberbomb> ok, have a good day alex =D
[04:31] <DWOMT> haa haa haa see ya Alex
[04:31] <AlexanderTT> good morning everyone, or good night to me
[04:31] * AlexanderTT has quit IRC (Quit: )
[04:31] <DWOMT> any of you guys believe his story?
[04:32] <Cyberbomb> u tell me, i live in canada =P
[04:32] <DWOMT> haa haa haa
[04:32] <DWOMT> i don't think a civil war is coming
[04:32] <DWOMT> I do see a war in the future..but it'll be USA vs someone else..but not itself
[04:33] <Cyberbomb> we will find out after the election then wont we =P


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Jul 9, 2011
Note that Alexander says 2005 is the year U.S. troops will be in many Texas cities. But we know Titor's comments had a sequence of numbers. Civil War 2005, 10 years, 2015. In that order.