Planet Nibiru to Collide With Earth!

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What seems to be a much more nuanced (and accurate, IMHO) view of "the end" is what Ben Davidson at Suspicious Observers on Youtube is saying. Basically, this guy seems to be really up on the science, and he says that the galactic current sheet is causing stars to go "micro-nova," - in order, as they are hit by the worst of the galactic current sheet. He says that there is much evidence that our sun has gone micronova before, and that this is what causes the pole shift. He says there are events every 12,000 years, and smaller events every 6000, 3000, and 1500 years. But before the micronova, there will very likely be a huge and powerful X-class solar flare that will take out all power worldwide. Check out his channel if you are interested, and would like to see one that is not all hype, and that seems to be based on science.