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Would you like a portal in your home?

  • Yes, so I can beat a nerd from my class. Brings back happy memories.

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  • He has no right to change locks and call me a stalker.

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  • Nope. Another fad I'm staying out of.

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  • Only so I can buy stuff very cheap from China and personally scold any scammer in Mandarin.

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  • What's the difference when your parents keep knocking on the door every week?

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  • The world would be too small to get away on a vacation.

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  • Yeah, bring on the LAN party.

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  • Couch surfing, here I come.

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  • I already have strangers using my toiled and complaining would there being pee on the floor.

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  • The thought of being split in half by accident excites me, so yes.

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It won't surprise me if she can also see them in their true form :)
I haven't heard from them in a very very long while...But she claimed to be able to see and hear them, fluently.
The personal things that she told me, were not possible to know. She told me that 'They' meaning the spirits,
were telling her these things....To frighten me. It didn't work.
At first I thought it was in your basement but when I re-read the paragraph again, I have another impression. I'm sorry if I'm wrong but, by 'subterranean', do you mean like 'under the ground' literally, like 'a buried portal', perhaps?

I find the idea of having a buried portal in your place to be strange, but perhaps it's because I've never encountered something like it before.

Neither did they at the time. Said it was the largest opening they had ever encountered and it came from the ground up.
It was just under but came up into my home.
It's not impossible, nonetheless, since portals (in my understanding) have always been there in the first place (maybe) and, a portal can be buried due to some accidents on our side-heck, to my understanding, a portal can even exist in the deepest part of our ocean.
It was explained to me like, "These are possibly beings (spirits) of a different dimension crossing into our own. They are NOT
held to the same things we are...They can pass through walls, the Earth or ground is just another obstacle to overcome for them."
What do you mean 'the fringe' area? Do you mean it as in 'periphery' area, or something similar?
I used the word Fringe as meaning "Just outside of Science's ability to prove the existence of..."
Fringe = Outside of provability by science.
To my understanding, a portal is just that; a portal, like in 'doorway', 'gate', or something similar where an object can 'slip in or out' between spaces.

And when it comes to paranormal, from what I gathered, a portal can be anywhere. The activities around a portal can be heavy, but it's not going to be the heaviest you can get in this matter.
Which is what was happening to me and my room mate(s) at the time. Some very heavy things.
I watched one of my closest friends lose her mind, she had zero belief in spirit manifestation and the thought
of seeing anything to her, was extremely frightening. She suffered a total mental break down. I have never seen her again.
For example (just for example, things don't always have to be literally go like this);
what we take on this side as a 'portal' can be a gate in the wall on the other side. A portal can be there on or near your front door on this side, and on the other side, the area inside of your home can be their yard or their settlement/establishment, if that makes sense.

This is, the case in where you'd usually have the heaviest of disturbances in your place. In this case, it's not really about the portal, as the real problem would most likely be with the settlement.
It was not just my home but was connected to the ground
and of the family who owned most of the homes surrounding mine. (Separate Story there.)

I had to have my home Exorcized to be rid of the problems several times.
Word got out to the locals here...I never knew when I would find a total stranger knocking at my door
asking if it was real or, "Can I(we) come in? We want to take some pictures."

There would be people in my driveway snapping photos who would tear out of my driveway
when I went outside to send them away.

It was a nightmare.
As with only having light to medium level disturbances, maybe you have a portal there. But maybe it's just a traffic (as in, a road) that leads to a portal (the portal can be anywhere in this case-it doesn't have to be in or near your place). There'd usually be no settlement/establishment on the other side, in or near your place, in this case.

Still, this is not something I can say with 100% certainty. There's always room for rare case(s).
The case was considered rare.
The established investigation unit I hired told me that what they were finding "Was Off The Charts!"

They had never yet seen something as massive.

** What I am telling here, is all in the past, but I LIVED it.
Here @ Paranormalis is the ONLY place I have ever recounted the goings on in my life at the time, back then. **

That's what this site is all about.