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Oct 21, 2018
Good question because that is the central issue. Who takes custody of the custodians...or Dr. Seuss and his Hawtch Hawtcher Watchers...the layering of this hierarchy with all the blackmail and war mongering, the antagonism and cruelty is probably the shell that has guarded us when we were smaller, but now, it seems we are feeling the compression and intolerance of what was once good for us...Or maybe like pot-bound plants that need to break through the pottery to access the nutrients they need. Not that the pottery or the egg are evil but that we can be grateful for the time that it worked and yet go forward to what else we need to grow into by the grace of God.

You have the phrase "the question might actually be the answer"...profound.

In Red Riding Hood the story changed when she asked about the big ears, the ways that the wolf wasn't quite right to her view. She stood by what didn't feel right instead of taking in the explanations in good faith. Powerful to ask, right to be perceptive and analytical.

That phrase I've also seen in a cartoon that asked, "Who will protect us from the ones who want to help us?" Funny topic so thanks for expanding the framework.


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