Real Ghost Girl Caught On Video....hoax Or True?


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I found this series of videos on youtube. Now honestly, I don't know how sincere the guy is, because when you go to his channel, it's all about movie making, etc. But, I'm giving this guy the benefit of the doubt.

FYI, there is a while series of these.

You be the judge. I have found at least one thing that leads me to believe it isn't real. (well..a couple of things, but I will leave it to you to decide.)

ok I have watched it several times and come to decide it's bogus the girl is solid and the guy seems to twist the door handle befor and after he opens it.......hoax

Total BS on this vid. First let me say i know how to automatic write i did it one time and it was kind of scary. When you automatic write you do not write down questions and ask the spirit what it wants. It is done usually by a medium and the person will go into a trance like state and the spirit will convey a message through the person. This is called channelling a form of it anyway. Only experienced people should do this in my opinion. He was making knocking sounds on the floor or table. You dont leave the paper and pad and hope the pen will fly up and magically write a message. He really should do his research before he decides to hoax. I don't like it when people do this because it is just making fun of hauntings that really do happen. But a true haunting would never happen like that. A spirit has no time table it will do what it wants whenever and you may or may not catch something on camera or video. which is usually rare unless you have a complete paranormal team set up with equipment. I actual know several people that do this on a regular basis. When something happens it usually happens after the video is off. it takes hours of footage to catch something. Cameras are a little easier. But this guy is totally bogus and full of it excuse me for saying. It really is laughable that someone would try to pass that off as a true haunting. LOL Vamp1r3Goddess

It looks fake but it's still pretty funny to watch. This video takes advantage of some of fears we all have, like having this little dead girl appear right behind you the moment you turn around to look, BAM, it's there and you are scared shitless.

That's a classic. :)
Well you will have to do better than that if you want to frighten me. I have seen the worst of the worst. I don't scare easily. LOL He didnt think out the hoax very well. Now the time i automatic wrote that was a little frightening because you are channeling a spirit and it may not have been a good experience. So i will wait to see what else comes my way lol. :eek::D:ROFLMAO::cool:
Check the clock on the wall. At 1:22-1:38+/- it reads 7:45. After he sees the "ghost" while searching and swinging the camera around, at 3:23 the clock reads a few minutes after 8:00. Is there always a time distortion during poltergist activity... 15 mins pass in ~2 min? oops
It definitely looks fake. I mean the girl looks completely solid! The fact that his channel is all about movie making confirms that he is probably just testing out his skills. Also what Peregrini said the time lapse definitely proves this video is bogus. Where is the real stuff?
Hehe, I completely agree here. It would have been more convincing if the little girl was actually moving and opening the door. It would still look as fake though.

Computerbug doesn't believe in little girls. ;)