Scary Prophecy About World War III

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That's what I keep telling people. Most disastrous events will be status quo changes. They won't blow up the entire planet. :)

But then again, changing the status quo may as well be the end of the world for some people.

It would for people who want to live a life where everything is handed to them. I welcome the change. I'm tired of the money game, the politics game, and the general b.s. of society game. If we all end up having to work to survive, each doing our part, life will suddenly have purpose and meaning.


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you are so gulliable. believing is seeing. let's see it happen you don't know anything.


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this my nightmare... lucid dreaming visions i have also had also have been recorded


Hi everybody,
Let me try to get you some accurate information on this topic ,as it is well discussed in german and the clickhungry crap doesnt really cut it.
I will beginn to give some facts of his life first and lets see if i can translate the real deal, for you guys in a couple of follow-up posts.
I will try to keep translations coming but i cannot do the whole thing at once.
I hope you understand.



Alois Irlmaier
He was born 1894 in scharam, upper-bavaria and died of lung cancer 1959 in Freilassing, upper-bavaria.
As a soldier in the first world war he was in Russia.
He married Maria Schießlinger in 1920 and had 4 children - one of them was not his own son.
1928 he started working as a self employed well digger (and yes he was using the dowsing method to get there).
This is also the year when he started to have visions.
From 1939 on people started to get advise from him and showing up at his house.
Sure they knew about his visions and hoped they get some insight about their own lifes from him.
He did this for FREE and did not charge anything.
Later on in his life he had lines of people waiting in front of his house to get to talk to him.

He could NOT write! Everything recorded is written down by people listening to him and making notes!
Also he spoke a bavarian dialect, what means sometimes it is even hard for germans to understand.

1947 he was accused of fraud and trickery in the Upper-Bavaria district court of Laufen.
He was previously convicted 15 times.
(he was convicted 7 times for fraud and trickery).
(source: Der Spiegel / 25.09.1948)
In the trial he said that "I just see what i tell the people" and "i never asked for payment".
The witnesses in the court room confirmed this.
He gave the judge the proof by saying: "Your wife is at home right now! She wears a red dress and a man is with her! Go ahead and check if it is right!"
The judge sent a court usher to his house and it was true!
Additional proof was given from witnesses he warned from beeing in a specific place of a bunker during a bombing in WW II.
He told them not to stay in the middle of it.
Soldiers ,also in the bunker, thought the safest place was in the middle of the bunker:
The witnesses telling the story in court, obviously, survived because of it.
The court accounted for the proof given in the trial and the judge ruled NOT guilty, letting him of the charges.

Now you can think this is BS but wrong again.
Because this was a trial there is paperwork on the case.
Here you go with a copy of the 4 page verdict.
alois-irlmaier-urteil-1.jpg alois-irlmaier-urteil-1.jpg alois-irlmaier-urteil-3.jpg alois-irlmaier-urteil-4.jpg

This should be a pretty good proof of the ability he had.
So if you want me to go on and translate the predictions one by one, let me know if you are interested.
It IS a lot of work to do that, if nobody is interested, i would prefer to spend that time otherwise.

BTW: The golden city is, and always was, PRAG/PRAHA
All his predictions are from his point of view! That means from germany!



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