Skinwalker interest + tarot reading [HELP]

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Hello everyone!

I wrote a post some months ago connected to skinwalkers, wendigos and rakes, because I wanted to find out the truth behind that encounter, which doesn't seemed a threatening one. But I realized that my curiosity towards these kind of spirits and creatures, people still strong.

I've read and heard a lot of stories about skinwalkers, their background and behavior, and their impression on me is a strong fascination, and don't know why, but also respect. Honestly, I do respect everything and everyone, and I'm rather curious and supportive than scaredy cat. Is it a human? Is it a spirit? Bad or good? No matter. Fear isn't my "bussines here" I think.
I met and communicated, encountered countless creatures, bad spirits in my life and even if some of them used me to their pleasure, I felt that "company spirit" between us. No doubt, it made my braveness stronger than my "fear", which never really existed. Being naive is a dangerous feature, isn't it? I try to be not, but what is the difference between being endlessly helpful and naive?

Some days ago, I planned to write a letter to my friend, because I wanted to ask stuffs from him, about skinwalkers. Then I let the idea drown, because hey, I'm a changed hooman, and I've found my life-goal (thankfully Krishna). Then, today, he wrote to me. We didn't talked each other for 3 months at all, but interesting, after I had a tought about him where I asking him about skinwalkers, he showed up almost immeadiately! (It isn't a rare phenomena around me anyway - looks like whatever I thinking on, or wish, it became reality within hours and days, very soon so).

I told him that I wanted to ask him anyway, and he answered that nice, because he got a new tarot card deck, fitting to me, and he can use it to find answers to my questions. So he let me to ask a question, which was:

Do you think reading and hearing stories about skinwalkers would get their attention? Because it might be the truth, I'd like to know what's up now? There is any kind of "skinwalkers" knowing about me?

He left the chat, then came back after some minutes, and showed me this:

( Click here to check the full picture )

Then he answered this:
8 of wands, 9 of wands, the star, page of swords and temperance

I would say yes they know about you.

And have been watching you
They should be approached with conditions. And fervour if you approach them correctly there is union if not they will seek to destroy you

What do you think about this?
  • Can I trust in these cards?
  • Do they really means what he told me?
  • Should I believe that via thoughs, it is really possible that they can notice you, and kept watching you in some way?

( Let me repeat, it's just shocked me that I wanted to ask him about skinwalkers, then I skipped the idea, but he showed up within days [after 3 months break] and started the discussion almost immediately with the new deck, and asked me to give a question if I want to know the answer of it. )


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From my understanding of the Skinwalkers and Wendigos are 2 things you DON'T want noticing you, in both scenarios it ends very badly for the people they notice and by no means would i ever consider a union as it will mean your death. But yes, They can follow you but typically will give up if they cant possess you within a reasonable time.

As for Tarot cards, to each their own, it is just a random shuffle of the cards people then say what they mean and they make it their own, much like Horoscopes, or fortune cookies.

I have been gone awhile i will have to go read your previous post for a bit more understanding.


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Thank you for your answer, @BlastTyrant!

Based on those stories I've read or heard before (hundreds of them) about skinwalkers, I can understand the reason why people try to avoid them. If you'll read my story about me and a wendigo (possibly), you'll find out why I'm so "brave" or, extremely naive in this topic (still). I've heard about skinwalkers who didn't wanted to hurt people, but scare them to death, then mocked them. I worked spirits like these, but of course, facing a skinwalker isn't in the same weight like malevolent spirits, demonic souls.

I'd like to understand every kind of creature, entity, so them, as well. But it sounds crazy, right? I have the gut that I would be an easy prey to them in this way, however, not defenseless.

It is hard to forget them, for I have thoughts about them at least 3-4 times /day, or more. I don't know the reason, honestly. I'm a very busy person, and I successfully left behind my occult past and other bad stuffs within days, since I met the Vedas, but the skinwalkers... they didn't want to leave me; I mean, the thoughts connected to them. Why did this happens, at all? I've heard that they are able to manipulate the mind, emotions.

I'm also interested in your opinion about my wendigo encounter, so feel free to share with me, if you mean.