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do you want me to find the book and post it?

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Jan 29, 2017
I want to share with the community some stuff.
It includes a few videogames, some cool pics, a music player with an interesting effect (spectroscope)
and more...

On this game the main character uses a teleporter in the final levels

player screenshot

also I wanted to include a short book, but I couldn't find it anymore... it's in Spanish, it was about a guy who saw aliens, but they were invisible and he explained how he could watch them. He explained too how to acquire that ability by trainning the eyes (third eye techniques I guess) and a short but interesting story of those aliens who were in Colombia but a disease cause them to die, so one day in the '90s in many parts pf the country it smelled very very stinky, and nobody could detect the origin. The reason was the dead corpses of the aliens. But they are in a different vibrational frequency, so nobody could see them. Also he sees a T-Rex crossing through the walls, but it was loke a ghost, because nothing really happened. The author explaims the perspectives, and it has a handmade paintings (paint) that shows what he was seeing.

Why did I want to find this book? because the aliens want to travel time and save their own race from the mortal disease. I need to spend a lot of hours searching on the web again to find it.

Ok the weird book doesn't come in the file...

enjoy anyways


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Mar 18, 2015
@not_a_DJ - Mario's Time Machine for the NES? Nice find! That was actually an OK game, though I consider it bland compared to other NES games in the Mario series, especially the Super Mario Bros. series.

While the Super Mario Bros. series was developed by Nintendo (an iconic game developer), did you know that Mario's Time Machine was actually made by a no-name developer called Radical Entertainment with publisher The Software Toolworks, Inc. using the Mario license from Nintendo? Well, all that is about to change, as I'll explain in the next paragraph.

My quest to change history will involve the following: When that Software Toolworks company requests the Mario license from Nintendo to have games such as Mario's Time Machine developed, Nintendo responds by buying the idea from the other company and giving them credit for it, rather than simply issuing them the license. As a result, games like Mario's Time Machine are instead developed by Nintendo.

For instance, Mario's Time Machine will function as an educational platformer riddled with Nintendo magic, complete with familiar power-ups, lives, enemies that can take away power-ups and kill you, etc. However, the historically modified game will remain true to the idea of restoring missing artifacts back in time to famous people like Albert Einstein, Beethoven, Shakespeare, and Abraham Lincoln, as well as possibly to famous events and places such as the American Revolutionary War, the Moon Landing, and ancient Greece.

Forgive me for my tangent, but I happen to be a huge retro video game junkie.