Stallo origin

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What do you think is the origin of the Stallo legends? Neanderthals actually eating people for survival during the cold viking age, a tale that grew each time it was told, a story to cover up the murder of a mentally disabled person, something unknown...

My ancestors had legends about how Stallo wanted to play with the children, but got tricked into falling through ice and drown in cold water. Described as a happy ending.


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I had not heard of Stallo until now, I'm afraid I have no real knowledge to offer here.

However, it did make me think of this> Grendel - Wikipedia

Now I want to watch Beowulf. Anyhow I find it too odd that many cultures have similar tales though had no connection to one another. Also like the Annunaki and Anudoti etc the names are similar and usually have the same meaning but the cultures speaking of them were separated by thousands of miles and had no contact at all with each other.