Step-by-step guide to use the HDR

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I heard the HDR machine could be very dangerous. jesse ventura featured it in his show many years ago he had real time travelers and experts. They all said this machine was very dangerous. I even heard from Steve Gibbs himself on a radio interview. Talking about people that disappeared using this time machine and never returning back. I dont know it sounds like this machine is dangerous.

Lets hope that if those people actually did disappear, they have found a suitable dimension to live in surrounded by beautiful women :LOL:..


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Hopefully they found a higher demention. I wouldnt mind going to a higher dimention and never returning back. If anybody know how to travel to the year 7000 let me know. I heard its a very peaceful loving time period. I would mind going there.


You described red and green switches.

Do different models have different switch colors? I only see red, yellow and white.


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Here is my procedure to use the HDR, it's a step by step guide I used at first to get familiar with using the device. Now I no longer need it, but I still use the HDR as follows:

1. Plug in the unit.

2. Turn ON the Yellow switch and wait for 2 minutes with the witness well empty, in order to clear it.

3. Put the double terminated quartz crystal or some other item related to the desired time period / events in the witness well.

4. Put head coils on.

5. Turn the first dial to the right, asking for the right frequency and play with it until you feel the stick reaction while making 2 inches wide circles to the right with your fingers on the rubbing plate. If you don't get a stick a reaction, turn the dial to the left while asking again for the frequency. Keep moving your fingers in circles to the right on the rubbing plate.

6. Repeat for the second dial.

7. Then, ask to clear all fear, resistance and disbelief and use the rubbing plate again until you get the stick reaction one last time.

8. Turn ON the red and green switches.

9. Place the electromagnet over your solar plexus in a 90 degrees fashion for at least 3 minutes but no more than 10 minutes.

10. Turn OFF all switches and set down the electromagnet and head coils.

11. Unplug the device.

12. Sit and meditate, or sleep.

To all HDR enthusiasts, users, let me know what you think of this step by step guide, which things you'd change, remove, add, etc. I wanted to post this a pretty long time ago to discuss about it but I somehow forgot about it.

I look forward to reading your feedback and ideas. :)
how in hell this HDR works for people but does not for me i cannot program the hdr


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We should create some kind of group funding account to buy one of these HDRs and just send it around in a mail circuit so everybody can try it and we can laugh about it not working later. Then maybe sell it on Ebay to recover funds and possibly purchase some other goofy thing to try.


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@Stanley how far are you able to go? Do you struggle with the stick reaction? It's pretty tricky.
i bought 3 HDRS and i could never get a stick reaction i was never able to program the HDR i never got any stick reaction plus i thrue them in the garbage on saturday