Strangled by an angel?

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Do you want to be strangled by an angel?

  • If I get to a better heaven.

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  • Only if it's a hot female angel.

    Votes: 3 60.0%
  • No, it might be a demon.

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  • Don't care what it is, just give me visions.

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  • It's not a sin if you get knocked up remaining a virgin.

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alpha centauri

Active Member
Did prophets get their visions from being stranguled by angels, or is the whole strangling thing just a sexual fantasy?

Prophets don´t get it this way, in my opinion. You have to remember Mohammed was not a prophet. He was very uneducated, therefore he was very receptible for manipulation and the negative side made use of this opportunity. Furthermore I also don´t think he had contact with angels except fallen angels.

But based on his teachings this could be true. Sexual fantasies, perversions and fetishes were a central part in Mohammed teachings:
As is extremely clear from the rest of the tradition, female slaves taken by Muslim mujaahedeen must submit sexually to their new masters, and sex with them is specifically permitted, as is the beating of disobedient slaves. Never the less, the tradition also makes the freeing of slaves a virtue to be rewarded by Allah, but no scholar in the classical period ever extrapolated this to a general abolitionist sentiment, as the tradition is far to clear on the fact that Muhammad took many, many slaves and was actually very supportive of the institution.

Men are allowed up to four wives, who may not turn down the sexual advances of their man. In addition, Muslims mujaahids are allowed to keep women captured as slaves as war booty, and sexual intercourse is permitted with them, as is coitus interuptus with the intention of keeping slave girls from becoming pregnant. Sex will also be present in paradise,

, where the believers will enjoy the hour al-'ayn, the forever-virgin sex nymphs of paradise, for all eternity.

Sex, even lawful sex, is still ritually unclean though, and the believers are required to engage in ritual cleansing before they are allowed to pray or read the Qur'an.


Senior Member
I mean i am not opposed to being strangled by a hot angel chick so i can have visions, shit load better than dealing with the greys i will tell ya that!


Senior Member
Shouldn't that be "strangeled" instead of "strangled?"

Seems like it flows better.