Schematics T.E.C. Time Travel Unit

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Dec 2, 2016
Thanks to: Martin Smith who submited this info and also to CLG Labs for the pictures.

Note: The correct transistor value is 2222NPN

To operate the unit, you must first connect the time coils to the A-1 terminals. Next, position the headband around your head so that the time coils are positioned directly above the eyebrows. Turn the unit on, and while you are holding a pendulum over the unit, turn the frequency dial slowly while concentrating on the following question: "What is the frequency which will teleport my aura or physical body to (date)?". As soon as the pendulum starts to gyrate, then this will mean that you have hit the frequency which will teleport your physical or spiritual body.

After you have done all of this, and while the unit is activated, find a comfortable place to relax in order for the energies to take effect. Make sure that when you do this, that the time coils remain around your head. If you have done everything correctly, you should have an out of the body experience in less than 45 minutes. At this point, if you wish to increase the potential of this unit, you now have the option of using the copper plates while the time coils are positioned around your head. If you decide to take this route, you proceed to tune the voltage control dial in exactly the same way you would the frequency control dial. After this dial has been tuned to the correct setting, and also while the copper plates are connected to the terminals A-2, you now tape the copper plates to your solar plexus. When you do this, make sure that the copper plates do not touch one another, otherwise you could damage your time travel machine. Remember!!! the effects will be doubled if you use this procedure.

If you will note, in blueprint #2 you will find that the 7.8Hz. c.p.s. frequency also activates the time travel mode or 4th dimension. This is because at this range you are between normally asleep and normally awake. However, the only drawback that comes when using this frequency, is, that the only way that you can hit it, is if you hook-up the A-2 terminals to a frequency counterr, and these things run into a lot of money, especially if you want to get a good one. But for those who cannot afford a frequency counter, I suggest that you take it to your local TV repair shop to get it calibrated. These places pretty much all stock a frequency counter. Just make sure that you tell them where to hook-up the wires, otherwise it could blow something.

In getting back to the operation procedures, in blueprint #3, is a close-up view of the time coils headband. As you can see, the phone plugs are hooked up to the enclose phone jackets or sockets. Also in blueprint #4, shows you how to hook-up the time coils and copper plates to your physical body. As I have mentioned before, don't under any circumstances hook-up the copper plates to the brain area!!! If you do, you will regret it!!! And this is nothing to joke about!!! Another thing that I would like to talk about is, if you do decide to use the 8Hz.
frequency, then the only other dial that you will have to tune is the voltage control dial. This is because you already have a fixed frequency. When you tune this dial, you use the same procedure which was given before. Remember, this device works just like a radionics machine with a distinct improvement, it can be used for time travel!!!

Taken from the old T.E.C. time travel archives.
The correct value is actually 222222333333.393939