Tartaria, What do you believe, know?

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yeah because this specific Tartarian theory, is far reaching connecting from bible to mud flood free mason etc, i m pretty convinced (before this) there was advanced Civs, but relevant to us at moment , is a group has altered our history, control us and divide, mislead us from truth. im looking for the who( dont just yell illuminate, because i believe there just a fall guy/ name) , when ( maybe after rome , catholic take over, but they've broken change, altered, evolved, but from bill gates to Scwabbs great reset , intentional sabotage, major change to original (villainization) ideals, using mass migration to weaken and alter a country. I see the outline , of their plans and working, this is me challenging them the way i can, gather share knowledge to wake us up, if you can be of use , i appreciate, if you dont believe agree, see or disagree thats cool i ask that it be constructive . i can troll , JK, mock on FB. So i ask what is your counter, instead of this , what your theory or do you BAH at the feet of mainstream, open and swallow what they tell ya?