The Four Seasons (band): Reinvented

Doc Brown ish

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Aug 29, 2016
Another thought has occurred to me, if I was the time traveller meddling with history and set about to intervene and prevent John Lennon and Paul McCartney from ever meeting, thus the Beatles would have never been or all the bands who've influenced me throughout my life who were in turn influenced by the Beatles.
Growing up listening to a multitude of bands who exist in the alternate timeline where the four seasons were the most influential band of the 60s influencing the bands whom influenced me in the alternate timeline, I would be a very different person having grown up with a whole different set of influences.

The girl I dated in my teens who I met at a gig of a band influenced by the Beatles, that band would never have existed and the gig would never happen so I would never have met her.

My mum would never have been a Beatles fan as they never existed, different set of influences in my mums life would have made her a different person. Would she even have met my dad, would I even exist in the alternate timeline.. I could go on but I won't.

By intervening and preventing Lennon and McCartney from ever meeting and thus the Beatles never existing, would I be such a different person in that alternate timeline that I never developed an interest in time travel and never travelled through time to meddle with history or never have existed in the first place.
Either way I would probably have altered history so I could or would not have the opportunity to go back and alter it in the first place.. Grand farther paradox anyone!!


Mar 18, 2015
@Doc Brown ish - Those are some pretty interesting points you've got there!

Anyway, you should be relieved to know that Elvis is not going to lose his position on the throne as the King of Rock, despite the fact I have him in a hotly contested rivalry with Engelbert Humperdinck (the King of Romance who is and stays anything but rock) as of 1957.

As for The Four Seasons vs. The Beatles, The Beatles were so diverse and everything that I cannot see them being anything but a lot more influential than The Four Seasons for at least a long while. However, although The Four Seasons will remain much less influential than The Beatles for that long time being, the former band's position and influence will be elevated in the genre of rock music. In other words, The Four Seasons will achieve becoming widely regarded as one of the greatest classic rock bands, as well as their influence being evermore far-reaching than it is right now.

As The Four Seasons rise onto the scene in the spring of 1960, they start to build a legacy that follows in the footsteps of the music of Elvis Presley I have to be following the tragic 1959 plane crash that killed Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and The Big Bopper, as well as several bands that I invented that hit it big before The Seasons' rise to superstardom, starting with the Memphis, Tennessee band The Mockingbirds, who first come out roughly in the summer of 1959.

I hope this helps whatever confusion you had coming into this thread of mine, in case you did have any! :)