The John Titor Mystery is Solved

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I actually find this far more important than anything discussed on this thread, or researched for 7 years. Don't you?

Censorship. So kind, yes? I saw you Husky.

Rodney really didn't make a good decision. But, maybe you didn't you catch the info about the vaccine?

America 2.0

Guess it's not just dem men after all.


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Is this America 3.0? What's next? To protect the liars from the truth?


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No thank you.

I won't tell you why this important...

But, you will understand it.

It was very important to my mother... ;)

Please remember... We all have something bigger to think about. Our nationalism (versus globalism), our country and our freedom.
Focus on that. Help with that. Instead of stalking innocent people for more than seven years (a crime) and bullying them for the truth. Because, bullying is only thing you guys do. A total waste of your efforts.

Some of us are actually trying to help you.

Thank you.

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With the permission of the most important people in my life... You're welcome to hunt me. Not any other.

My faith is greater than your hate or desire to be ravenous wolves. My purpose is to allow truth and love to be free...

Forgive you for thinking differently. You can answer to God for that.

Your lies will never overcome my true God's truth. Nor the path set for me that I will finish.

With love with light,
The PURE heart.
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I am just going to say it is as it is. The Habers often laugh at all of you and the crazy stuff you've come up with.

It's personal for me. None of you gave a rats ass when told a military man almost killed his wife and child by beating. Infact, you did more than not give a rats ass. You bullied me to the extreme and manipulated me for years. And, there still remains no justice ~ for myself and children...

None of you truly deserve any part of the truth. Vipers have no place in my life.

My kindness, my patience and forgiveness are done. You used my character qualities like they were nothing.

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Man .... im sorry about the poor reception.

Its disheartening.

I remember it took me a moment too but ... you know... if we take away the "you" from the story and just roll with the you as youve appeared and carried yourself I don't understand why the most skeptical or cynical couldnt be nice and polite...

Ive found you to be polite and nice and forgiving...

Makes feel bad to read about folks still giving you a rough time orntreatingnyou dirty... youve done nothing wrong.

That last part gets me bad... regarfless of anything younaint done nothing wrong.

I thank you for coming back around and.just generally being cool.

I pray for your safty welbeing and goodnfortune .

In christs name


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So. HAS the John Titor story been debunked, or is it still on? I have an interesting observation over the last two days sitting this coronavirus thing out: Has anyone noticed as they watched the news reports on TV that the 5 sections of the United States are EMERGING? Really!!! and guess what? People are starting to call the governors of the states in these areas PRESIDENT???? Yup! Newsom of California as of last night on Twitter has been called President Newsom. Andrew Cuomo, too, in New York! NOW we have people touting Governor Wittmer in Michigan as a possible VP although, there has been some support for her being a "president" too. Number 4 who was recently a presidential candidate in Washington State: Jay Inslee. Number 5 hasn't emerged yet, but the South is drastically behind the rest of the country. Just check it out. And our "Kings of the East" invaders have been these past few years the corona viruses from China. Corona means "CROWN." If you check out George Washington's Vision at Valley Forge story, it's all over the internet, just read the third prophecy! It will blow your mind once you start NOT thinking about it as an invading army, but DO THINK about it as a devastating, wasting, invading virus. Haven't been here in a very long while, but here I am rethinking John Titor's story. This stuff has made me start thinking about this possibility again, now the corona viruses are here.