The official gas price thread

I could hardly believe it...This week Gas went down to $3.89 a gallon! It dropped about 50 cents in price!

I'll be glad to move to Texas where gas is at least one dollar less per gallon. California's high prices are driving businesses and people to Texas. There is currently a mass exodus happening from here to there that's been going on for a couple of years. Stupid politicians won't realize what harm they have done to our state until after the economy collapses even worse than it is now. I love California...I was born here, but I'll be leaving for good in less than a week.
im glad i dont drive! prices here are insane for petrol and diesel not to mention road tax, m.o.t and insurance. petrol is about £1.40+ per liter making that £7.00+ per gallon no idea how much that is in u.s dollars but most likely its alot more than what you guys over there pay