The Tesla Boots

alpha centauri

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Apparently he's not dead and posting on here or is that some guy posing as him
There are threads about Trump and that a relative of him knew Tesla and stuff like that. There are not directly threads about him and occultism. But I think he got his inspiration from elsewhere (extraterrestrials or occultism).

And there are a lot of threads about Tesla and that he knew time travel. Here is one about the nikola tesla coil:



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Apparently he's not dead and posting on here or is that some guy posing as him:unsure:

You could say that I am a satirical version of the original Einstein. More of an experimentalist that uses facts rather than a theoretician that uses make believe bullshit.

steven chiverton

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Been Australian you may not know what boots are sport. Because if I remember right you lot only wear flip-flops. They cover your whole foot and sometimes can be as high as your thigh, most however are ankle hight. They are a lot sturdier than flip-flops.
what other disinformation is there about teslas rumourd inventions that aint in the patent list of his tesla neck ties and the tesla toilet seat sit on it and with a press of a button flush away to another time lol hahaha


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Prior to the lockdown I met up with a university professor who show me a unseen schematic from Tesla. The schematic is the design and building all of the Tesla boots. The boots when put on allegedly increases the wearer's density. With increased density comes changes in time. Although I wasn't allowed a copy or the keeping of the schematic I have an eidetic memory, and I'm going to reveal in some detail how to build the Tesla boots. I found lead to a modest movement in time forward. However the device has to be built carefully and used only periodically as it can cause negative emotions that will lead to insanity.

When will you be revealing in detail the schematic for those Tesla Boots?....I cant wait to make a few pairs of them as they will sell well alongside my, "TimeFlipper Patented Quantum Anodised Aluminium Hats", for repelling ALL RF waves entering the brain ;) :D...