TWA flight reasons


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TWA flight reasons

Concerning the TWA flight

Concerning the TWA flight that was downed off the coast of Long Island:

There was a telling in the Solved Mysteries series that possible middle easterners, were seen departing from a Long Island marina, off the coast.
There were at least three westerners who said they saw what seemed as if to be a rocket plume leave from the general area of the surface, then streak towards the outbound airliner.

The TWA flight was traveling at an altitude of fourteen thousand feet. There were witnesses who said they thought that they saw two plume trails leave the surface streaking to the big 747 Boeing airliner.

A helicopter pilot with the national guard, who is also considered a trained observer, due to his rank, said that the impact, had resembled a side impact that he’s seen before, from a high speed missile.

Examination of the radar returns from examined captured radar printouts, seem to verify by the style of scatter form the plane once it blew up, that this passenger plane was possible hit from ground to air antiaircraft missile ordnances.

What might verify this possibility is that Stinger missiles were given to the Afghan, but the state department did not want to peruse the case, even if the pilfered missiles were smuggled out of then Afghanistan.

This action by the U.S. then could in theory possibly have hurt the Muha'ja'deens efforts in Afghanistan against a then occupying country.


Re: TWA flight reasons

I thought I heard somewhere that our Navy accidently downed the aircraft. It was either accidental or that they purposely hit it as a black flag terrorist attack ploy that they botched and couldn't reveal the story they had laid out, so they blamed it on some mechanical failure. Which supposedly cost the part manufacturer a bunch of money that they simply paid off with black budget funds. But this manufacturer is in with the gov big time, but they are still really agitated with taking the fall for flight 800. I can't remember the particulars of what I had read. But it was something along those lines.

What do you guys think. Interested to see what comes of this discussion.