UPDATE: Here's what happened to Mad Man Marcum and his Time Machine (Art Bell 1995)

John Daveit

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May 23, 2016
GoDaddy decided to yank this project and suspended my account indefinitely. Not uncommon.
Domain is therefore dead and I can't reinstate it due to some sort of acceptable use violation. This is not uncommon, GoDaddy often shoots itself in the foot and as a result there are lots of consumer complaints.

I signed up for Amazon AWS to host a new website, but it was cost prohibitive in the end.

On my site, I explained in detail my time travel experience, where I had begun and where I ended up and the time frame. The machine wasn't complicated and anybody mechanically inclined and has a good understanding of electricity and multimeters would not have difficulty building such a device that could step forward. More or less, I was basically playing with ideas and primitive versions of what had been done before (Tesla) with a few modern tweaks.

I had planned to give others as much insight as I could, and ultimately wanted to collaborate with others who wished to make time travel a reality. I was interested in building a simpler and less expensive device. Even though I accomplished skipping through time, I wanted answers and solutions to issues I had after completing my journey. Memory loss and understanding the emotional effect it would have on myself, family and friends who thought I was dead isn't something you can ever recover from. It killed an emotional side of me, and a part of my life we all take for granted. And also l had no control over where I ended up. Lol. Anyway it isn't something I'd do again unless I better understood the consequences and didn't leap years into the future. Perhaps a more practical way to look at such a device is to use it for travel. Like a vacation or to and from work.

I got below from godaddy for his link:

Welcome to: madmanmarcum.comThis Web page is parked for FREE, courtesy of GoDaddy.com.

Thanks Mike!

What I think most of the people here want to know is proof of concept. Is it possible to explain about your most basic experiment you did that caused appearance of the little strange sphere above the ladder?

I think it is sufficient for proofing the concept here and sure we can wait until your new website be accessible for full disclosure of final device.

Thanks in advance



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May 2, 2016
Just spent an hour reading all of this. Fascinating stuff yet again. This forum never ceases to amaze me.

Himalayan Hermit

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Sep 12, 2011
So looks like Mad Man Markum as our dear late Art Bell affectionately named him, was Last seen Sep 24, 2017 on this site. Anyone know what's been new on his front? I was listening to his show with Art Bell the other day.


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Mar 31, 2018
Maybe he connected about twenty huge transformers together, created an arc portal, jumped through, and became a cloud of dust.