Video Of Frozen Alien


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Ok, this may be an elaborate hoax, but check it out and decide for yourself folks. The video was shot in an area of Siberia known for lots of UFO activity.

ha ha ha ha looks like one of the coffie hounds from men in black:confused: looks like it got chewed on by somethin huh???

It looks pretty damn real. We're a long way from these fake aliens moving between rows of trees, filmed with some crappy night vision camera. I have no idea if it's the real thing, but if it's not, these guy did a great job. The only thing that makes me believe it may not be real is that this video is still on the Internet. What do you think?

Likely some animal tried to eat it or something. I guess it didn't taste that good uh.

i must say it don't seem to be a rubber doll or the like. i aint sure its real but if they took it down now it wouldn't look to good for the denile side. best bet is ignore it, so they leave it alone. makes it believable to me. but if it goes missing now we will know its real ,that will be a clencher for me .

maybe some tobasco and a beer to wash it down:D
I am still wondering if that guy just standing idly by is Russian Secret Police. That leg is either chewed up or blasted off during the crash. I'm still on the fence about its authenticity....but its still a good video to look at and debate. The sad irony here is that there are so many hoaxes, validity of proof is almost always the number one issue. I
It looks fake quite a bit in some shots. I don't understand why all those videos have shaky cams. I think it's a fake, again.