Visions of a possible future

Aug 1, 2016
do not worry i do not judge any more. when you find it you can speak it. No worries. I had millions of pages of the akashic records i deleted them by mistake. i wish i had them back. They were illegal to have anyways.
You deleted it? I was told that it is not a book or anything like that. That are the experiences that everybody had.
Can you tell us more? How did you make contact to those pages? And why is this illegal to have?

I met a few Immortals over the years.
Interesting. Can you tell us more? What character did they have? How and where did you meet them? What abilites did they have?


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Jun 17, 2004
I am glad you posted your experiences. Back in 2005 I told people about a bankruptcy in sears.
Debunkers laughed at me. They said. "Look, sears is the biggest retail company. They have been around for over 100 years. What you are is crazy."

Funny, how sears has not gone bankrupt yet and already they are claiming that I did not predict anything because sears has lost money six years in a row. Mostly they are shifting gears. It is now "obvious" that we would see the end of sears.

TAKEN FROM Sears CEO on Turnaround Try: 'I Am Not in Denial'
Sears, once the largest retailer in America, has been put under a microscope after a dramatic fall from the top. Sears has booked annual losses for six straight years,


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Sep 16, 2014
The only thing I buy from Sears is the tools, lawn mower, Kitchen appliances etc...and not clothes....but in the process the high end dish washer died and Sears guy said it will cost close to $300 to fix. So, I went to buy a German Model...But I do have a lawn tractor from them.

Due to K-Mart connection, Sears would not go anywhere....hence the issues. They should move their Tools and Kitchen appliances to a separate entity and call the rest bye-bye...ten they will be fighting with Home Depot and Lowe's...but can make it...

Bye the way...I was offered a Business Intelligence work (to manage Competitive Intelligence) with them like 2012...but a cheap guy got the, now you know...

Interesting thing is - -I was offered Competitive Intelligence work but did not get it when looking for a job...but got another one which went very well...The companies that did not go for it are...Polaroid, Kodak, Circuit City. Blockbuster etc. The one that did... doing pretty well are Akmai, Broadwing, FlyingJ etc...


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Nov 21, 2015
So I posted Human Civilization has already been wiped out by Mini Ice Age—Evidence a few days ago. Another idea popped up into my mind that will fit in this scenario of the possible future everyone was talking about. Basically the Taurid meteor stream might be the one to trigger a global catastrophe, nuclear plants around the world aren't safe anymore causing some places to be toxic for life, sea levels rising causing people to go to high ground/ mountains (the bible in isaiah has mentioned this and everyone thinks it's about Jesus... again but personally, I think it talks about the future-to-come) and a new era for mankind, assuming it'll finally start a long-awaited benevolent future. (come on! I'm salty with this era right now. I want a benevolent future).