What Happens When We Die?

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The body begins to biodegrade. Also all internal waste matter is released because the muscles holding all that back are released. Thats why its important to wear clean underwear.


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The embarrassment over dirty underwear maybe the least of the problems.

Thats for others to view and clean up, if its a bad accident a human may crap themselves leaving the clean underwear argument well in the dirty laundry.


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You rot and are food for worms, or

You go to Heaven or Hell (or Purgatory for any Roman Catholics out there), or

You are reincarnated into another form, based upon your karma in this life, or

You become a ghost and are hunted on poorly produced TV shows or

You become a god, if you're a righteous Mormon. Otherwise, it's punishment for you, or

You awaken in your parents' basement to find that it was all a simulation, then you decide to either play again or have a snack, or

You pass into eternal life, if you're a Rastafarian and are righteous. If not, then you just die, or

You die and everything just blinks out of existence, because you are a true Solipsist, or

Any one of a thousand other things.

As for myself, I don't know for sure. (Just between you and me, I don't think anybody else knows either.)


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A guy goes down to hell and is met by the devil...the devil tells the guy that he is very democratic and allows people to choose the cubicle they are going to stay in for etenity..

The guy goes and looks at the people in the cubicles and noticed that the first man was upto his knees in human excretion...The next cubicle contained a guy who was covered upto his waist in human excretion..

The third guy in a cubicle was covered in human excrement upto his neck in human excrement, and the next guy was also covered in human excrement upto his neck, but was drinking a cup of coffee..

The guy thought to himself and told the devil he wanted to be put in an identical cubicle to the guy covered in human excrement upto his neck and drinking a cup of coffee...In a flash the guy was in a cubicle with human excrement upto his neck holding a cup of coffee..

After a few minutes the devil suddenly said, ok guys the coffee break is over, get back to standing on your heads!!


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There is a theory on my planet that I would like to discuss. The theory is, when someone/something dies, it just goes into a parallel universe. They would feel like nothing happened although the people on the universe they came from would know this as death. Me being a High Priestess in my home world, I believe there is a place like heaven, but I also believe in this theory. I believe everyone has a mission in their life time and once someone completes this mission, they can die and go to heaven. What do you think about this theory?
What is your planet ? The most important is the answer .