What Should You Be Doing Instead Of Posting?


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What are you meant to be doing right now instead of posting here?

I need to be getting to bed - up at 7am tomorrow... yet reading about conspiracy theories here is such a better idea right now. ;)

How about you?
Yeah, I should get to bed too, but I'm like that. I like to post and do tons of other things instead of heading to bed. eh!

ha ha ha ha ha:confused:!!!!!!!! oh I don't know, ask the wife she has a whole list of crap I'm spose to be doin:(

ok ya caught me:pI should be mowin grass while the freakin rain has let up for five min. the crap sprouted a foot in a week it seams like:D bet you wish you could say that ha ha ha you got a foot of snow from the storm huh:mad: . man i hate to shovel snow:( looks neat but sucks
All that snow is almost gone now, temperatures were pretty hot today. That's a good thing if you ask me, I'm tired of winter. :(
I agree with you, Num!!! Damn tired of that white sh*t!! :confused: Although, now it's more kinda amounts of small rocks and brownish snow. Let's hope it's all going away during this loooooong Easter week-end!! WOOHOOO ! Vacation for 5 days!!!
So, what I'm supposed to do instead of posting, is preparing my stuff to go all week-end long at my boyfriend's place!! ^^ Yay!