Schematics Who wants to build a chronovisor?


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There's only been one actual chronovisor that successfully worked.
Unfortunately, it's in a vault located in the vatican.
It leaked on the dark web back in 2002 when it was used for religious purposes.
The device was apart of a propulsion network found in a ship in the baltic sea.
It was the safe alternative to traveling, however, once the church got ahold of it, both it and the guided network were separated.

The main problem with it was that, when using the device, if someone was aware of it's viewing, you could change a fragment of that picture.

This is ultimately what triggered the depiction of Jesus and the leaked photo of jesus/yeshua on the dark web.


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more know nothings blabbing.

chronovisor is an artificial pineal gland.
easy to build.

pineal gland dissections had 4 things:
1)filled with pockets of ultra pure water
2)calcite microcluster crystals
3)light sensing proteins(same as the eye)
4)outer sheath shielded interior from EM

calcite crystals are piezoluminscent.
DMT crystals are extremely piezoluminscent
Meaning if they're squeezed they emanate light.
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so what does the squeezing of the calcite crystals?
anybody? bueller?..

why do i even bother
Mechanical pressure applied to a piezoelectric substance usually produces voltage. Commonly in the form of a spark. It's like voltage and mechanical pressure are aligned in the same direction. I used an accelerometer to measure the presence of gravity wave fluctuations because of this shared property that piezoelectric crystals have.