Schematics Who wants to build a chronovisor?


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Dec 3, 2018
Please forgive me for not understanding, however I got a look at a report that said that the real Chronovisor, was a rough sphere shaped electro-mechanical device designed in the 1800s.It seemed to resemble a large decretive egg, but with a entry hatch and intricate gearing inside of it.
From what I got from the article about it, it had a series of magnets on flywheels in the inside and was wound up like a large watch.

When these internal fly-wheels were shifted into position by gears, these magnets would ride over each other and open a porthole in space and time. This device was tremendously intricate and only one was built.

This device was said to have gone back to the time of Jesus, to prove to the church that he did exist. This is all the information that I got on it. People traveled in it, but I don't remember anything else.

What is being said now, that symbols religiously based made this device time travel or NOW, that this was just a viewing window into other times. I don't mean to be obtuse, but I had read information that was quite to the contrary than what is being presented here.
Sounds like how Gravity Drive worked in the movie Event Horizon. My design also opens a vortex in the quantum-physical fabric of spacetime. But I use a device called the perpetuum coil to achieve this feat. Gravitons (subatomic particles that mediate the forces of gravity) are magnetically carried by mercury-vapor through a hollow palladium coil with connected endings. The centripetal force of gravitons generate gravitational waves that propagate towards the center of the perpetuum coil, folding spacetime an infinite amounts of times. To open spacetime, you bombard the vacuum with nuetrons using the isotopic decay of radioactive radon nuclei. Vortex releases the electromagnetic radiation and sound waves in the form of dark radiation which are then taken to be decoded and configured into a holographic motion-picture.


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Feb 8, 2015
Welcome to Paranormalis, and good luck with your concept chronovisor, please keep all of us informed on how it proceeds :)..
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