Why do you love America?

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Why do you love America?

Originally posted by Cornelia@Jun 25 2004, 07:54 AM
everywhere people can built their own spaceship, there's no need to be in America!
There are other rich and free countries out there, don't you know it?
We can build spaceships, we can be born poor and become rich, we can built companies, we can make our dreams true, we can vote, we can do all the things you do but we don't think \"It's because I'm in Italy, or France, or Germany!\"
We think that it's because it's \"normal\".
I may have miss spoke. I meant I was proud that the first person to fund, build, and fly a privately constructed spaceship was an American.


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Why do you love America?

Wonder Bread for me neighbors, fresh Sour Dough from S. F. for me.
Cracker Jax and KoolAid, Napa Valley Wines and Smoked Salmon.
10,001 Sushi Bars, very hot Saki with green tea ice cream after.
Cable TV, mail order DVD's from Flixx monthly.
Land of the Brave, Home of the Free, Tete a tete with Paul any time we please.
Foster Freeze, A & W Root Beer, Dairy Queen, Bob's Big Boy.
One Arm Bandits in Reno, Las Vegas Show Girls, Girl Scout Cookies,
Ms. Fields Cookies fresh from the oven. Teaxs style BBQ, (they almost have a clue)
The real BBQ from St. Louis, Crawdad feast in New Orleans.
Fresh trout, bass and sockeye right from the mountain stream,
while your biscuits are a cookin dutch oven style at your camp site,
as the sun hides behind the mountain. Mr. Ranger trading chummin stories
over fresh morning coffee as the sun appears above the Mt. top.
Necking with your girlfriend at the drive in movie theatre before the butter popcorn.
Necking with your girlfriend after the butter popcorn. Dove ice cream bars during intermission. Listening to total fools and retentives on the talk radio. 20,001 Pizza Parlors
the way pizza should be made (margeurita pizzas are for beginers) 501 Dart games with
hammerhead darts and all the ice cold beer you can drink til the board moves by itself.
Watching the Home Coming Queen go by in the car and knowing that she is your date that night. Finding out that your date knows alot more players than you thought. Your very first used Mustang that looks like it will top 120mph. The strange noise your Mustang makes after trying it. Maui Wowie. Humbolt Thunderbolt. Panama Red. 25 years to Life sentence for 6 seeds and a roach in a red neck state. Parole for good behavior. Being on the internet for 36 hours at a strech. Getting a $1,800.00 telephone bill because your provider is just a toll call away. Finding Jesus because of Dr. Scott on the TV. Finding out that all your tithe ($25,000) sent to Dr. Scott, was spent on Las Vegas ShowGirls that he was "saving" at the time. Tammy Faye renounces makeup. Reverend Jim meets Aliens on Taxi. The Wonder Bra. Victoria's Secret. (what's she hiding anyway??)


Why do you love America?

I love America because the land is beautiful and the people are some of the friendliest I've encountered. And they are friends with my country and have a lot of bombs and things.


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Why do you love America?

I asked my father once why he brought us to America when I was but a few months old. He walked out the front door, pointed at the small field that contained our meager crops and said, "Because here we OWN this land, and we are not beholden to anyone, especially not to any thievin' landlord from across the water." I might not have all the wording right, but that is what I remember. I was quite young at the time, no more than five or six. Father loved the homeland that we left, but he loved his new country as passionately as anyone who has ever lived since. Growing up I was told the stories of Ireland, but I was also told of how America had broken the bonds of tyranny and made a land where anyone willing to work hard enough could make something of himself. It really was a new world back then.

This is not the only freely elected government in the world now. There are many whose people live free from oppression and enjoy the same freedoms we have here, but in my day, America stood almost alone in that regard. We were scorned by many people from Europe, at least by the folks who supported the monarchies, for our republican ideas. Republicanism was looked down upon by many in power and embraced by the lowly who did not have the good fortune to be born into the right class. America changed that and eventually more nations followed the example. So now when Eurpopeans enjoy their freedom, they should look back over the years and see who they have to thank for that freedom. American boys died in droves in Europe to help keep Europe free of the tyranny of fascism. Yes, Germany is free today, and a good freedom it is, but Germany was once under the sway of a tyrant and Americans sacrificed their lives for the freedom of future Germans. Freedom is important enough that there will always be Americans willing to sacrifice themselves in its service.

That is why America is free, because there are those who lay down their lives in defense of that freedom, even in defense of the freedom of others outside of our borders. We should all take our hats off in salute to those who gave all for the good of others. That is what this country was founded on.