Why does god put the needs of the few above the need of the many?

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I've been sitting with your question @Gnostic Christian, and your conflict.
You site the biblical teachings and refute the God of that Bible.

Personally, I have found that indeed "The Kingdom of God(s ) is within." I have encountered the One who went insane and thought only was he. I have encountered the Silence of the All. We sat outside the tesseract and witnessed together. My personal knowing is too deep for words.
Every choice made goes into building Gods Kingdom, your spirit world.

I was shown a very special book once, a reward for the One who taught me to read in His Library. (He let me sit in His chair.) This library was interdimensional, Teacher said it was the time between time. The book was my book of life. In in I saw as some things were written, corresponding spelling is being written in pages beyond, as well as being unwritten. The book of life is own's grimoire.

How the Collective Grimoires correspond in the evermoving tessaract creates Maia, our stage, the 3 D constuct. Mechanition and Magick is what I've found.
There's mechanation in Magick but there's Spirit as well. Intelligent Design.

Oh yes, the Big Bang happened, though it's not what you think.
Shiva, as Nataraj, Destroyer aspect stands outside of Cern because dark matter and dark energy is in the Rig Veda. Shiva and Shakti.

Perfection is above expression so the One had to become two, thus Shiva and Shakti. Shiva, aspected as Natarag, the Destroyer, and Shakti are United in Sacred Union becoming One. In that moment there is only Shiva which is what Dark matter is called in the Rig Veda. Just as in the moment of conception in man, so it is with Shiva and Shakti, there is a spark of light. Microcosm/Macrocosm. A Universe is born. Many gods are born as there are understood by the Microcosm's individual and collective. Thus Maya is woven by the Collective weavers and their thread.

Interesting that it's the Destroyer that Co-creates, procreates life. The required negative polarity. Where positive and negative is where the Magick happens. Seeing the necessity of both polarities is to find their Sacred Aspects. Bodhisattva guides taught me this by sitting with a battery as my teacher. It also showed me the prison matrix of the Ancient Gods of conquered lands and peoples, and religion's confusion.

The victor spells whilst writing our history and religions.
The Ancients brought knowledge and man decided how to embody it, thus good and evil were born, and the messengers embodied man's way.
One begets the other but one has a choice to be weeds of chaff by the seeds of choice/freewill.

There is the logic to it akin to the logic of Intelligent Design. Universal laws and their inversions. Intelligent design ruling chaos, magick, man, the moving of the spheres.
Practice seeing in fractals, it moves like clockwork, even chaos.

To find one's sovereignity, I found my yatra/journey within. My learning is that no one can take your sovereignity it can only be surrendered. Maya is the chessboard, we are the chesspieces our choices determine our role and the moves we can make, perhaps even the god who can make the move. Perfection witnesses.

We cast our life with our spellings, the actions/the language of one's life. The veil is thinning, numbers and words are spelled everywhere if one observes. Knowing the secrets of the inner workings of this mechanation (world) is the occult knowledge sequestered beyond dissemination into chaos, the tools of magick/manipulation/the philosopher's stone. One either is the mage of one's life or their power is harvested by the knowing. Asserting sovereignity is to reign one's inner kingdom and co create one's Innerverse experience.

Thanks for the muse! all understandings subject to transmute with inner gnosis alchemy
Forgive me if I rambled on overmuch, Zookies and my muse did it.


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Why does god put the needs of the few above the need of the many?

That moral tenet is about the only objective moral tenet I know of that has not been shown to ever be subjective. Yahweh seems to be doing the wrong thing.

We are told that most of us will end on the wide road to hell while the few end on the narrow path to heaven.

It is demonstrable that nature creates for the best possible end.

Why does Yahweh not follow the better rules he gave nature, and creates us for the worst possible end for the vast majority of us?

A decent father would not have the morals or ethics Yahweh seems to follow.

If true, then we end with more souls lost to Satan than souls saved by Yahweh. Even as scriptures say that Yahweh wills that all souls be saved.

God not getting his will is not allowed. God must always come out ahead. Something is not right for god.



Didn't you know God works in mysterious ways?


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Faith is pretty much the only answer you can have, given the bible is written by man for man.