You Dont Need To Understand The Language, Your Feelings And Soul Tells You.

alpha centauri

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I am glad to annouce a paranormalis premiere. It is her. The one and only Shakira.

I think her English songs are better, but here is a Spanish song, that is also good.

That was the only post about her I found and it is from our beloved thread opener.
Yes i agree with you regarding the whole culture of the musical world, Shakira and Katy Perry are using mountains of Illuminati symbolism in their video`s..
What i was hoping for was trying to locate the early beginnings of the Illuminati and their excursions into the musical "pop culture"..

She was recently caught selling symbol of the Black Sun to her fans. This is a symbol that Nazis use . After that she said, she did not know o_O. So either she sells something without research and knowing what she is selling or that was planned somehow. Either way it was stupid.

Those music star steal from everywhere. I think they dont care, if they hurt people. These illuminati symbol or all the other symbol should also be not used by musicians.