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    can i travel back in time and change my decision?

    Time paradoxes cannot take place in the real world. Whenever you time travel, you are just traveling to a point in time different from your starting point. Technically you are not going back in time or into the future. You are moving... in time. As follows: You are here and now in your...
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    Groundshaking Evidence of Real Paranormal Activity

    Dear community, First of all, I would like to say I am very happy to be back. Its been a while since my last connection due to some personal affairs I've been working on lately. While browsing through the internet several months ago, I found what I believe is one of the most convincing...
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    Newbie here 1st thread I shot live a PORTAL opening and "people" manifesting as they emerged from it

    Okay, maybe I overreacted. This is fake, in my personal opinion.
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    Obama's Interview on UFOs

    Interesting watch, indeed. In fact, Obama never denied anything. In fact, he limited to say "I can't talk about it", and referred to Clinton's denial ("I don't know anything") as: "That's what we are instructed to say".
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    Interview with Reptilian female Lacerta

    Seems quite interesting. Thank you, Professor.
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    I am so sorry for your loss, KeyHolder777.

    I am so sorry for your loss, KeyHolder777.
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    Most people would wait until the stores gave the food for free, instead of buying properly. This...

    Most people would wait until the stores gave the food for free, instead of buying properly. This is why restaurants will not give their food to poor people in MOST cases. However, that suggestion of yours will indeed work in a world of honest people. That is, many years in the future.
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    Is John Titor's story copyrighted?

    Interesting question, to say the least. I wonder...
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    Chronovisor videos

    Very interesting photographs, @TOURIST. The child in the painting looks so real... It's disturbing.
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    Requests, anyone?

    No problem. I hope you do them all.
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    Time travel concepts I: Causality

    Certainly, HDR KID. The future is not what we always expect. Although future is the only way we can keep walking towards. As I keep growing up I see people getting older and older. And they are not just people to me. Acquaintances, friends, family... It is tough to see how everyone goes away...
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    Requests, anyone?

    Whaat about the rest?
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    Time travel concepts II & III: Destiny and Temporal Divergence

    I was going to post Destiny and Temporal Divergence in two separate threads, but I think I would rather avoid spamming. Thank you all the future readers.