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    Hello all from The Scientist

    Whatchoo talkin bout Willis?
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    Is organized religion bad?

    Hardly. All of the above are perfectly legitimate concerns for a cult trying to encompass all their beliefs in one book. True of every book in the New Testament. Again, perfectly legitimate. Many books under consideration had no providence - some had been written within a hundred...
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    Understanding Carl Munck The Code

    Given that I linked to information that will help people understand Munck in less than ten seconds, I would say that I certainly do understand Carl Munck. Your refusal to view Munck's tripe in light of the sharpshooter fallacy indicates that it is you that insists on not applying the words in...
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    Breaking Bad

    I find the Walking Dead to be "lame" only to the extent that I no longer have to look away or leave the room when the zombies come on. At first, it was just too intense for me. Of course, I'm one that walked out of the theater when I first went to se "Night of the Living Dead." Yep, 1968...
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    Barack Hussein Obama Is the Last American President

    They said exactly the same thing about Bush. If anyone bothered to look into this, they'd find that the conditions in this EO have been standing policy since Truman. This particular EO was necessary because the previous one - from Clinton - that dealt with this didn't include Homeland...
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    First original people in america were from africa

    Perhaps one should look over a few genetics studies prior to opining on the origins of Australian Aborigines as well as Native Americans.
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    Understanding Carl Munck The Code

    Oh. I thought we were just throwing out names of Mathematicians now. Sorry. Sharpshooter's Fallacy. Harte
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    Understanding Carl Munck The Code

    Leonhard Euler
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    Understanding Carl Munck The Code

    Again, the Sharpshooter Fallacy. It's a target painted around a bullethole.
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    Understanding Carl Munck The Code

    One who teaches mathematics for a living likely doesn't "struggle to understand maths."
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    Working Model of Time Travel

    When I was in High School in the 70's, most high schools didn't even offer calculus. However, infinity/infinity is inderterminate, except under circumstances already mentioned - L'Hopital's rule. That is, in the set of real numbers, at least. And also, black holes do not have infinite mass...
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    Media Gun Confiscation Begins in California

    Because it says "A well-regulated militia..." and permits are a form of regulation.
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    Time travel a reality.... what do you think?

    You plotted a fantasy trajectory against time. Garbage in, garbage out: Note the path of the weight after the string is cut. What you show in your sketch is perpendicular to the actual path, which would be along what you label above as the Y-axis above. You forgot that the hypotenuse (I...
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    New Madrid Mega Quake Tied To Sinkhole: Perhaps Imminent? Man Made Or An Act Of God?

    Let me rephrase, then. I'd like to see what it is that you base this on: