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    John Alexanderson, from 2043.

    you guys are seriously taking him for real? what are you , 5? This is straight out of a movie and a cliche storyline , big brother oppresses citizens in the future, resistance is formed and in a last ditch attempt to save the world , the lone surviving member gets sent back to an earlier time...
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    Why is the forum so dead?

    Skeptics will be skeptics. That is why you need to prove your ability under very tightly controlled conditions, until there is no possible way you could tamper with the experiment and mess up the results.
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    Why is the forum so dead?

    Why this week?
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    Why is the forum so dead?

    there is no trolling. I am merely trying to bring healthy skepticism into this community. Its very sad to see many people here get tricked by people like Lussorio, John Titor, etc. To Carl, you dont need to get so worked up, I am not discounting spoon benders. It is amazing you can bend spoons...
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    Why is the forum so dead?

    so you bend spoons? can you bend it without touching the spoon? you do know you can get a million dollars now just showing it to james randi, which you can then use to fund research into things like time travel
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    Why is the forum so dead?

    Sorry if im coming across as abrasive but...I really dont know , imo its impossible to build a time machine at home so thats out. Yet this forum seems more concentrated on the scientific aspects of time travel and drawing tons of strange RogerJ like people. All time travellers are a hoax, ones...
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    Why is the forum so dead?

    When the student teaches the teacher, you know the school is fraudulent.
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    I am a temporal operative from 2047

    Your life has come to an end. LUSSORIO!
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    May have found a time travler

    its...Too long and hard so he has to skype it to you....if you know what i mean ;)
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    Why is the forum so dead?

    No new information, no new discussion on experiences... Its almost like dying is the way to achieve time travel.
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    May have found a time travler

    "Too Long and Hard?" what is this a dick joke?
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    Lusario F attempting to manipulate timelines

    Video + brave enough to be seen + swallow = dickpic.
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    Who is a real time traveler?

    w...what are you even saying? I never asked you to care about me...
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    Hands up, Who has Time travelled via Astral Projection

    do not interrupt me, I am collecting information on time travel from the people in the year 2017 from these people who apparently claim to have done time travel without devices. While I am here for your type, might as well do some digging. Or, you could release your information if you have done...