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    Self Driving Uber Car Kills Woman

    It was his opinion which I was critiquing and your support/conjecture that he would show no sympathy in the event that death resulted from carelessness in itself leaves much to be desired Best if neither of you comment further on this
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    Self Driving Uber Car Kills Woman

    If this story is in fact true, then this 49 year old lady whom was possibly homeless, was apparently walking her bicycle albeit outside of a cross walk in Tempe Arizona, when she was hit and killed – no mention of suicide. Your comments of “I have no sympathy for the pedestrian at all, suicide...
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    Prof Stephen Hawking

    Hawkins in reality was part of the controlled opposition and for those on the forum who believe in any form of God, realise this, that he stood against all that we believe in – illustrated by one of his famous quotes: On humans and our place in the world "We are just an advanced breed of...
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    Time Traveler Reveals Picture of Future Car

    A load of bollocks as usual
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    Gun Control

    If you care to carry out basic research into “terror attacks” and “mass shootings” phenomenon, you will come to the realisation that you should have no concerns about safety in regards to these two avenues, either in the past or at this juncture in time. Regarding Military versus Police, both...
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    Elon Musk is Accumulating Assets Purely to Fund His Dream of Making Humans a Multi-Planetary Species

    Oh my. Musk, like Branson is a merely clownish showman. Space X is pure fiction like NASA, albeit with a significantly smaller budget
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    Thought Provoking

    This guy has put much effort into his work and much of it makes eminent sense when we use critical thinking and not what we were indoctrinated to believe. Have a look at some of his other videos also – thought provoking to say the least. Enslaved by no media
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    Time to Build It

    Dr Z, having watched a number of your daily vlogs on You Tube, one of the common threads throughout is your references to life’s misfortunes, which I can empathise with in part, having experienced many hurdles in life also. However, if I could suggest you try in future Vlogs to project a more...
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    Trying not to clickbait so I'll just say this is a personal thread that you should come by if you are knowledgeable and want to help someone out

    If you know of a way to time travel which is within the reach of a “layperson”, I would very much appreciate you sharing it with me also.
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    Los Angeles Earthquake

    Through lack of knowledge, I am not in a position to pass an opinion on the possibility of a hollow earth though it would certainly make more sense than that of the “accepted” Heliocentric version of the place in which we live. Given the geographical distribution of these occurrences, where...
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    Thank you my friend Just completed and yet to connect the two HDR's weather not good outside but will keep all posted on progress
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    Finally got the work done just before the snow fell. Two 20’ @ 1 ½” dia copper tubes with soldered end caps, placed diagonally within the four compass points, 10” under ground Grid point 349.5 cm high x 216 cm across with Mobius coil within, constructed of PVC pipe, coal dust and 21 gauge magnet...
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    STRANGE Things Happening

    Trigger finger today When strange or bad things happen – it’s because someone wants them to happen Our Governments looking after our interests as usual.
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    STRANGE Things Happening

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    Finding Pennies Everywhere

    After I lost my wife last year, I would find items around the home which couldn’t possibly have got there other than being placed by her. Your Dad is still with you and will always be.