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    Schematics Time Travel Schematics Initiative

    you forgot another visual aid time travel device, called "a clock"
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    Schematics Hyper-Dimensional Resonator

    this should be called a waste my time bogus generator
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    Schematics Hyper-Dimensional Resonator

    Cause he knows this is bogus
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    Paranormalis: Time Travelers that post here!

    i am willing to time travel
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    will volunteer for time travel

    Just got back on forum, been away for awhile, will volunteer for time travel.
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    HDRKid II

    Re: HDRkid II Hi HDRKid, this forum has gotten better, better than the old days when there wasn't many people on, looks more main steam, better access to info. Just a note to say its glad to be back in the forum and to be in may favorite are, good to see familiar people around again. Omega
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    Paranormalis Returns, Again!

    Re: Paranormalis Returns, Again! Miss you guys glad your back up!
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    Social Studies

    Re: Social Studies What if the Romans stayed in Britain, would the pilgrims come to Plymouth Rock? What would have happened if Jesus Christ was born in Germany after WW 1 woould there be a WW 2.
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    a new prediction

    Re: a new prediction I am an American contractor working in Saudi Arabia. I get an outside view of whats happening in the states and it is disappointing. I am a patriotic American. I am working over here for financial reasons. I was laid off my job in 2002 when the job market was bleak. It is...
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    Time Travel is impossible

    Re: Time Travel is impossible Once you enter a time in the past in your own universe, one in which you already inhabit in the past, you have changed that timeline. And everytime you "loop" back it will change. Try this one on for size. If a person is a lesbian in the past and still is in the...
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    Lost in time, seriously!

    Re: Lost in time, seriously! "Great Scott, Marty!!!" "Flashing lights and shiny pinball parts" Now thats a movie!
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    US cow tests positive for Mad Cow Disease

    Re: US cow tests positive for Mad Cow Disease So are you going to go back in time and stop this? This is the time travel section?
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    Interesting time travel story I found.

    Re: Interesting time travel story I found. There is no such thing as zero point energy people get real, unless you believe in wishful thinking.
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    2036 and Y2k

    Re: 2036 and Y2k I think everyone is reading too much into this titor stuff its all crap, get real people.