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    Debate What can move but has no room to

    Not sure but something in my head says neutron...They can move and interact but there is no space in-between the protons and neutrons for anything other to go between them not sure if Im right though.
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    Living in the Present

    It's not that I worry. It's that I fantasize about what's going to happen or what I'm going to do.
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    How would one go about contacting E.T Aliens

    If one wanted to contact an extraterrestrial being from another planet, what would be the way for them to do it?
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    Living in the Present

    I honestly don't even know how to do that
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    i finally figure it out, it was right there all along

    just bend space and time . that sounds like the simplest solution to achieve faster than light speed travel. well its simple on paper not in practice.
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    Wierd dream need interpretation

    That is a possibility. There is also a possibility that it was meant to represent anxiety or worries about my current situation in life at that period in time since after that dream I was much calmer tbh. But what you said about the facade I was holding coming down might also be true I usually...
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    Scientists Now Believe Quantum Entanglement May Apply to Time Itself

    I wonder if one could use light as a means of sending information back in time using entanglement
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    Wierd dream need interpretation

    So I was playing Spider-Man on PlayStation 4 stopping a mugging when suddenly I decided to use Ghost-Spider's ability which is called "Spirit Fire" which then made me remember a dream I had. I was on a highway when all the sudden my vision cuts to the side view of Ghost Rider behind me with him...
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    Has anyone tried making a Tesla Coil with a rodin coil and a copper pyramid?

    None. I try not to expect things. Though I guess the arch will be different than usual who knows maybe it ends up becomeing an ionic flashlight.
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    SRV (Scientific Remote Viewing)

    I guess you could try drinking some nice tea to relax youeself before your meditation and see if that helps.
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    Beam me up

    Getting some alien coochie from another star system probably.._
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    ball shaped condensed electrons harvested from sun equal to earths mass taking up .01% of space earth takes up

    Lol Science is like water it's shapeless one time you agree with newton on gravity the other time you tell hin fuck off because you're agreeing with einstein and his explenation makes more sense. It's a tool people use to understand the reality around them. You create a hypothesis then you test...
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    I wish I was smart enough!

    Maybe it's not the iq that matters, maybe it's the way we use our minds that matters.