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  • my mother is back home again. Pegi Say that again my friend's will ban you and keep on banning you until you learn. Block me all you want
    I wonder if the new gen would get the hint about being warned about their future as in later gen's teaching
    you can see my muscle is all natural from the pacemaker. i grew up when i stopped bowling i'm coming back though
    Yes, that is me in the pic
    You look scared stiff!...had a time portal opened up on your laptop screen? lol ;)
    Oh i found out from someone on here about a something happening to isis in the future no sure how far along but look up the Super Hornet
    i have no updates, it could be vacation but they don't go on vacation at the end of august. no idea. the obe was scary enough seeing
    down to the pizza shop I love and the doors were closed the bills were left in the door handle. I nearly cried because it was coming true.
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