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    photo of Mars possibly has plant life

    here it is
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    Martian Meteorite Found With “Organic Diversity” Possible Proof of Life on Mars!
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    The Google Earth Conspiracy Is Google hiding evidence of aliens and other things that might be being hidden for a good reason?
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    NASA Martian rocks what a joke

    I realize it's pathetic and means nothing cuz I am pretty sure there's some stuff they're all privy to we're not, but I saw something about NASA finding proof life existed on Mars long ago due to something involving space rocks. Can't find the article anymore. Anyone else hear about this or...
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    The Crab on Mars----can anyone figure this out? Who agrees it's a crab or a spider?

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    Opinion on Mars? Is there a coverup? Or is it really dead? Above is only about Mars in the far past. BUT----it IS an actual declassified CIA document AND.....are the anomalies signs of life still on Mars? Or are they rocks fooling us like when we looked at clouds in the sky as...
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    Four Legged Creature Found on Mars?
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    Crisis in 2020 Including Civil Unrest was PREDICTED-----Plus a Floating Rock Covered up by NASA, and more AND.... Area 52