steven gibbs

  1. R

    Rodin Coils vs Caduceus Coil-Which is more effective

    I am curious from the community to gather a consenses on the difference in regards to the effects of Steven Gibbs hyper dimentional resonater device using it's current design methods of the Caduceus coil vs the use with a Rodin Coil. Has anyone tried this and if so what were the effects?
  2. R

    Time Travel-What's the practical use?

  3. Himalayan Hermit

    Crystal Usage with Steven Gibbs HDR

    For those who have used the HDR unit first hand, what kind of Crystals have you experimented with? I have mostly used the (smaller one in the pic below) Quartz Crystal that Steven Gibbs sent me, although I'm thinking of trying out the larger one (which I found in a Crystal Cave in the higher...
  4. Aone

    Why The Movie Deja Vu Revealed The Truth About Time Travel

    This is a really interesting video regarding time travel and how, more than likely, the government is already travelling back in time to promote their agendas. I'm not sure if I agree with everything, but it seems logical. Old movies and TV series often showed and still show things that were...
  5. OakFieldAlienz444

    The Blueprints for a Time Machine now on ebay dirt cheap----Steven Gibbs device I'm personally not that into building shit but here it is for anyone who wants it.
  6. OakFieldAlienz444

    Can Steven Gibbs still be reached? Also are there any other ways to get an HDR?

    I know they're on Ebay sometimes. And some people say those are fakes etc I'm genuinely curious about how to get one of these things does this guy still answer calls? Heard he almost died about a year ago. His phone number also changes all the time. As does his email. I'm a bit confused. Is...