Alexanders chat logs for January 2004: Alexander was a friend of John Titor in 2038 and 2039


Time Travel Professor
Jun 11, 2004
mIRC Jan. 31, 2004; Alexanders chat thanks to KPAX
Posted by: Professor Opmmur
Session Start: Mon Jan 31 15:04:26 2004
Session Ident: #TimeTravellersInn

[17:00] <AlexanderTT> if i was younger i would bare arms again my friends

[17:00] <cerial> but u've done ur bit alex ..

[17:00] <AlexanderTT> but know i wouldnt be any good out there

[17:00] <AlexanderTT> just remember all the young one out ther now , like 12-15 those will be your heroes

[17:01] <Pyro2000> Sweet im 15

[17:01] <Pyro2000>

[17:01] <Florida_Jim> My son will be 11 next month.

[17:01] <AlexanderTT> we were fast and quick learners, it was an advantage to be so young

[17:01] <ebay-outlet> dang i'm too old to be a hero haa haa haa

[17:01] <Florida_Jim> Hard to accept all the crap this next generation will face.

[17:02] <Pyro2000> woot woot im going to be a hero, unless the government takese me

[17:02] <AlexanderTT> florida, when the day comes and he wants to fight don't stop him

[17:02] <ebay-outlet> maybe haa haa haa 24

[17:02] <Florida_Jim> All because some people are never satisfied with almost everything.

[17:02] * TimeWaster has quit IRC (Quit: Trillian (Trillian))

[17:02] <Florida_Jim> I'll be there kickin butt with him, even though I'm an "old guy".

[17:02] <ebay-outlet> me too

[17:03] <H1t|M4n> I think there was something that Jon had said in one of his posts AlexanderTT,that everyone on your world line can do math in there heads there was no need for calculators or something like that .

[17:03] <AlexanderTT> well the old huys so-to-speak were ready to sacrifice there selves to save ther family, i hope this does not destrub you but comfort you in knowing the courage you will have

[17:04] <AlexanderTT> yes we are very good at doing math, we had to be

[17:04] <Florida_Jim> I understand.

[17:04] <AlexanderTT> of course i'm no scientist

[17:04] <Pyro2000> Alex, is climate a factor in moving around?

[17:04] <H1t|M4n> I understand AlexanderTT .

[17:04] <AlexanderTT> yes , snow is the worst not because of the cold but because you leve tracks

[17:05] <Pyro2000> wonderful

[17:05] <AlexanderTT> you will have to learn to run in a line and put your foot down in the same print already made

[17:05] <cerial> basic stelth trainin

[17:05] <Pyro2000> Yeah, which im going to have to learn due to being in North East Ohio

[17:06] <AlexanderTT> this makes it look like a scout moved through

[17:06] <Payton2152001> is there a lot of hand to hand combat in the war?

[17:06] <ebay-outlet> haa haa haa --live in ohio too

[17:06] <Pyro2000> Where?

[17:06] <AlexanderTT> very little , if they were that close we were dead meat, but I did my fair share in buildings

[17:06] <ebay-outlet> if i gotta leave home tho i might just head south where its warm haa haa haa

[17:06] <ebay-outlet> columbus

[17:06] <Pyro2000> Your lucky. I live by Cleveland

[17:07] <ebay-outlet> haa haa haa

[17:07] <Pyro2000> do you go to Ohio State University?

[17:08] <Florida_Jim> Alex, you and John refer to the "Farmer General"...

[17:08] <AlexanderTT> yes

[17:08] <cerial> john kerry ?

[17:08] <Florida_Jim> Is that because he is a person who is called in like in the Roman story?

[17:09] * LynneSny has joined #TimeTravellersInn

[17:09] <H1t|M4n> Welcome LynneSny .

[17:09] <AlexanderTT> he is known that becuase he worked on a farm, why is that so hard to believe?

[17:09] <LynneSny> Hi

[17:09] <LynneSny> Hello Alexander

[17:09] <AlexanderTT> yes i am aware of the roman empire and there generals

[17:09] <Florida_Jim> I believe it. Just wondered if there was more symbology there.

[17:09] <AlexanderTT> hello lynnesny

[17:10] <LynneSny> I feel honored

[17:10] <AlexanderTT> no the fact is that there is goingto be an intelligent farmer who ends up leading the resitance

[17:10] <ebay-outlet> have you met him in this worldline?

[17:10] <AlexanderTT> i never met him but I would d** for him in an instant

[17:11] <Florida_Jim> I've met a lot of farmers who have more wits than most other people I know.

[17:11] <AlexanderTT> he was our george washington

[17:11] <AlexanderTT> we do you feel honored lynnesny

[17:12] <LynneSny> Because you fought and won our country back, Thank You!!

[17:12] <Pyro2000> Alex can i PM you?

[17:12] <AlexanderTT> well your welcome

[17:13] * totally has joined #TimeTravellersInn

[17:13] <AlexanderTT> but you must do it too lynnesny

[17:13] <Cyberbomb> hi totally =D

[17:13] <H1t|M4n> WelCome totaly

[17:13] <totally> Hello

[17:13] <AlexanderTT> hello totally

[17:13] <Pyro2000> Alex, may i please private message you?

[17:13] <LynneSny> I know. The bits and peices have been falling together all ny life.

[17:13] <AlexanderTT> sure

[17:13] <totally> Hello Alexander

[17:14] <AlexanderTT> well then you are better than your neighbor who doesnt believe in another civil war happening lynnesny

[17:14] <AlexanderTT> it is very real and well really happen to you

[17:14] <totally> One thing that I wonder is, where would people get the time to make a time machine when they are recovering from a war

[17:15] <LynneSny> My father has been telling me about the coming war for the last 25 years

[17:15] <AlexanderTT> we are united together in oour common goals now totally

[17:15] <Florida_Jim> We went to the moon 24 years after WWII.

[17:15] <AlexanderTT> my father never saw it coming and we almost did not survive

[17:15] <totally> Florida, did we?

[17:15] <Florida_Jim> hehe

[17:15] <totally> Some people claim we did, some claim we didn't

[17:16] <Florida_Jim> Ok, so it was a Hollywood movie lot.

[17:16] <totally> Hehe

[17:16] <AlexanderTT> no were on the moon

[17:17] <Florida_Jim> Huh?

[17:17] <AlexanderTT> if you have a powerful enough telescope you can see the flag

[17:17] <Florida_Jim> Oh.

[17:17] * storm378 has joined #TimeTravellersInn

[17:17] <totally> And a flag proves..?

[17:17] <AlexanderTT> of course you cant tell its a flag but you see whats left of the lander

[17:17] <storm378> hi all

[17:17] <AlexanderTT> someone put it there totally

[17:17] <cerial> hehehe

[17:17] <Florida_Jim> Does the space shuttle ever get off the ground again?

[17:17] <totally> It dosn't matter if there is a flag there or not because it really dosn't prove anything

[17:18] <ebay-outlet> it proves we were there

[17:18] <Pyro2000> Wasn't there one there before?

[17:18] <cerial> yes it does totally ... how did it get there ????

[17:18] <AlexanderTT> actually i'm not sure, I don't think it does, but maybe i'm wrong

[17:18] <totally> cerial, I have no clue

[17:18] <cerial> hehehe

[17:18] <cerial> alex can i ask u a question ?

[17:18] <Pyro2000> Wow, this chat is HUGE right now haha

[17:19] <totally> Alexander, do you know how the time machine works?

[17:19] -> -cerial- watch totally he will try to turn everything negative i bet he does .

[17:19] <ebay-outlet> someone had to put it ther, and i believe it was more likely that we did, than some ufo dropped it off...

[17:19] <ebay-outlet> haa haa haa

[17:19] <Florida_Jim> haha

[17:19] <totally> That's what they want you to belive

[17:19] <cerial> alex .. i know u arn;t that well versed on the physics side of the C404 but do u know about the "hawking radiation" issue ??

[17:19] <cerial> i've heard that someone sugested that in certain cases when the radition evaporated u were left with a stable black hole ?? ring any bells ??

[17:19] <AlexanderTT> i know somewhat of the basics of the C404

[17:20] <AlexanderTT> but it is not my job to know how it works

[17:20] <storm378> I posted this in the forum I find it a interesting question If I am correct I remember john stating that their was no record of his postings in his time line so this gets me thinking if you travel back in time why did you end up in a time line where he had posted

[17:20] <totally> What is your job exactly?

[17:20] <cerial> i understand that ...

[17:21] <cerial> but the big thing that the debunkers say is that .. the black hole will evaporate !

[17:21] <AlexanderTT> there are many worldines wher he posted and many that he didn't also there is no record probably becuase 99% of the internet was destroyed

[17:21] * FalseZen has joined #TimeTravellersInn

[17:21] <H1t|M4n> Hello FalseZen welcome .

[17:21] <AlexanderTT> my job is to gather information and then complete my secondary mission

[17:21] <FalseZen> hello, ty

[17:21] <ebay-outlet> storm--many possiblities on that one--for one the future john returned to isn't the same one he came from by like a small percent, also alex mentioned that most websites were destroyed, during the war...

[17:22] <ebay-outlet> which if they were destroyed--it'd leave no record

[17:22] <AlexanderTT> FalseZen!!! I was hopin I would talk to you today

[17:22] <FalseZen>

[17:22] <storm378> but he says that his perents had no memory of him as a tt

[17:23] <ebay-outlet> for instance someone said the forum is located in washington d.c. if d.c.'s wiped out there will be no record of alex either...

[17:23] <FalseZen> Just sent you another long letter back, alex. haa haa haa

[17:23] <AlexanderTT> exactly!!! you cannot CHANGE YOUR PAST

[17:23] <AlexanderTT> you cannot travel to your past

[17:23] <AlexanderTT> only similar ones

[17:23] <Florida_Jim> I guess him mom didn't remember selling a book about him on for 15 bucks either.

[17:23] <AlexanderTT> other worldlines

[17:23] <totally> Alexander, what does your co-workers think about your posting online and chatting?(also risking you to get caught)

[17:23] <AlexanderTT> co-workers? do you mean the other 11?

[17:24] <Pyro2000> Alex can you answer my private message?

[17:24] <cerial> and if u did change it .. i wouldn;t matter becuase it would create a new worldline right ?

[17:24] <cerial> it wouldn't even !

[17:24] <totally> Yes

[17:24] -ChanServ- H1t|M4n has opped cerial

[17:24] * ChanServ sets mode: +o cerial

[17:24] <totally> the other 11

[17:24] <Florida_Jim> That whole "create a new universe" concept really bothers my common sense.

[17:25] <AlexanderTT> i hope to actually here from some of the other 11 but if I don't it wont matter I will just complete my mission

[17:25] <ebay-outlet> ever read those--choose your own adventure series?

[17:25] <Florida_Jim> yes

[17:25] <AlexanderTT> however there are two here currently that could answer all of your questions about the science behind the unit

[17:25] <FalseZen> I did ebay/ haa haa haa

[17:26] <ebay-outlet> that's how i think of it haa haa haa

[17:26] <Florida_Jim> good analogy ebay

[17:26] <ebay-outlet> only um a lot more forks in the road so to speak

[17:26] <cerial> really alex ?

[17:26] <H1t|M4n> With you @ this moment or on this timeline AlexanderTT ?

[17:26] <cerial> are they gonna come on to chat ?

[17:26] <totally> AlexanderTT, are you people in a group(Living together) or are you living in diffrent places?

[17:26] <AlexanderTT> I hope so, I know they ae talking with scientist right now that was there mission

[17:27] <AlexanderTT> i have no idea where they are currently we are each on our own

[17:28] <cerial> cool

[17:28] <AlexanderTT> FalseZen please don't be shy

[17:28] * MRN has joined #Timetravellersinn

[17:28] <FalseZen> I'm waiting for a turn..

[17:28] <H1t|M4n> Welcome MRN

[17:28] <MRN> thx

[17:28] <cerial> i jus want to debunk the debunkers !!! but again .. ur not a timetraveler so it doesn;t really matter !!!!

[17:28] <Florida_Jim> Alex, do you know if the old many worlds concept of each action creates a new universe is true?

[17:29] * AlexanderTT wonders how many of you are intelligency agent

[17:29] <totally> Alexander, arn't you afraid that any one who is watching you would track you down?

[17:29] <cerial> ahahahaha

[17:29] * cerial shys away to the corner

[17:29] <AlexanderTT> yes florida it is

[17:29] <ebay-outlet> haa haa haa

[17:29] <FalseZen> I wish I was with an intelligency agency, sadly I can barely spell it...

[17:29] <AlexanderTT> i am well equiped to defend myself

[17:29] <ebay-outlet> -not bright enough to be an 'intelligence' agent haa haa haa jk


Time Travel Professor
Jun 11, 2004
mIRC Jan. 31, 2004; Alexanders chat thanks to KPAX
Posted by: Professor Opmmur
Session Start: Mon Jan 31 15:04:26 2004
Session Ident: #TimeTravellersInn

[17:30] <cerial> good to hear alex

[17:30] <Florida_Jim> It just seems to violate the conservation of energy law.

[17:30] <cerial> i would want anyone to be held by the US admin !

[17:30] <AlexanderTT> ahh, but the worldlines were all created at the beginning, some just haven't turned on yet so-to-speak

[17:30] <totally> Alexander, what are you hoping for? to change the future as you know it or..?

[17:31] <Florida_Jim> Turned on yet, that's interesting.

[17:31] <cerial> ah

[17:31] <FalseZen> I think Alex is pretty much just doing as he was told

[17:31] <AlexanderTT> I am hoping that we will all learn from our conversations together,and I am looking for someone as well

[17:31] <cerial> everything that could happen ... has ?

[17:31] * Pamela has joined #TimeTravellersInn

[17:31] <Cyberbomb> hey pamela =D

[17:31] <FalseZen> Hi Pam!

[17:31] <Pamela> hi Jim

[17:31] <Pyro2000> We have a huge Chat Going !!!

[17:31] <ebay-outlet> who are you looking for?

[17:31] <Pamela> hi everyone

[17:31] <Florida_Jim> Hi Pamela.

[17:31] <totally> I mean why are you travling back in time?

[17:31] <H1t|M4n> Welcome back Pamela

[17:32] <cerial> heya Pam

[17:32] <totally> Are you trying to change the future for the better or?

[17:32] * storm378 has quit IRC (Quit: )

[17:32] <Pamela> did anyone save the chat from yesterday?

[17:32] <AlexanderTT> that is personal and also classified ebay

[17:32] <Pyro2000> Pam i still have it

[17:32] <ebay-outlet> hey pam,

[17:32] <Pamela> can you send it to me pyro

[17:32] <Cyberbomb> i did =D

[17:32] <Pamela>

[17:32] <Pamela> thanks!

[17:32] <Pyro2000> ok

[17:33] <Pamela>

[17:33] <AlexanderTT> my mission is to gather as much information as possible and to take someone back, we still don't know everything that took place here, communications were terrible for a long time

[17:33] <FalseZen> figured as much

[17:33] <ebay-outlet> hey alex take bush back we don't want him lmao

[17:33] <Cyberbomb> haa haa haa

[17:33] <Florida_Jim> hehe

[17:33] <Pyro2000> haha ebay!

[17:33] <ebay-outlet> haa haa haa

[17:33] <AlexanderTT> I don't think he's is the one

[17:34] <cerial> hehe

[17:34] <Florida_Jim> Bush is just a puppet.

[17:34] <ebay-outlet> true

[17:34] <Pamela> what time did this chat start? how many hours ago?

[17:34] <Pyro2000> I don't know i came in the middle of it

[17:34] <Florida_Jim> A couple.

[17:34] <ebay-outlet> karl rove's(spell?) the puppet master..

[17:34] <Pamela> man I missed alot.


Time Travel Professor
Jun 11, 2004
mIRC Jan. 31, 2004; Alexanders chat thanks to KPAX
Posted by: Professor Opmmur
Session Start: Mon Jan 31 15:04:26 2004
Session Ident: #TimeTravellersInn

[17:35] <H1t|M4n> <ebay-outlet> hey alex take bush back we don't want him lmao < ----------- That was a good attempt @ levity and it worked

[17:35] <FalseZen> me too

[17:35] <ebay-outlet> haa haa haa

[17:35] <ebay-outlet> thx

[17:35] <H1t|M4n> np

[17:35] * H1t|M4n sets mode: +v Pamela

[17:35] <FalseZen> brb

[17:35] * H1t|M4n sets mode: +v FalseZen

[17:36] * Looking up FalseZen user info...

[17:36] <Pyro2000> Alright guys I'll be back in a second, i must send this log to Pam

[17:36] <Pamela> what does a + mean?

[17:36] <AlexanderTT> I had the most wonderful conversation with a retired soldier last night, it was by far the best experience I have had since I have been here

[17:37] <Cyberbomb> it means your voiced =D

[17:37] <cerial> really ? thats good to hear

[17:37] <Florida_Jim> What was the gist of that?

[17:37] <Pamela> voiced for what?

[17:37] <AlexanderTT> interesting how he seemed to know more than I

[17:37] <cerial> becuase we love u

[17:37] <Pamela> haa haa haa

[17:37] <Florida_Jim> How would he?

[17:37] <cerial> yeah ? about the upcomming events ?

[17:38] <Florida_Jim> Was he "in on it" from the government perspective?

[17:38] <AlexanderTT> yes he had a lot of insight into the strategic planning of how excatly the government pulled it off

[17:38] * ikubed has joined #TimeTravellersInn

[17:38] <AlexanderTT> he was very high up, let's leave it at that

[17:38] <Cyberbomb> hey iknubed =D!!

[17:38] <ikubed> howdee cyber.

[17:39] <cerial> ah cool

[17:39] <FalseZen> b

[17:39] <AlexanderTT> his family had already left to go to mexico and later cross to south america, he stayed behind to speak with me

[17:39] <cerial> well the US admin has been doing this for years ..

[17:39] <AlexanderTT> they have been planning it for much longer

[17:39] <Florida_Jim> When are the fat cats going to realize ... you don't make the world better by controlling it, you make it better by making it better for everyone!

[17:40] * Pyro2000 has quit IRC (Ping timeout)

[17:40] <AlexanderTT> they don't care about making it better , they just want control

[17:40] <Cyberbomb> noo, pyrooooo

[17:40] <cerial> peral habour anyone !

[17:40] <Cyberbomb> haa haa haa

[17:40] <AlexanderTT> he's probably gone to watch the news

[17:41] <cerial> poor boy ... hes a tad stressed at the mo

[17:41] <cerial>

[17:41] <Pamela> well he said he was going to send a log to me.

[17:41] * Phoenix has joined #TimeTravellersInn

[17:42] <Pamela> then poof! he is gone

[17:42] * H1t|M4n sets mode: +o Phoenix

[17:42] <FalseZen> ah, finally. haa haa haa

[17:42] <ikubed> that book is a blinding read cyber

[17:42] <ebay-outlet> maybe he just got dc'd

[17:42] <Cyberbomb> i wonder if pyro will come back cursing dalnet like i was for disconnectin him =P

[17:42] <Cyberbomb> hey phoenix =D

[17:42] <cerial> haa haa haa

[17:42] <AlexanderTT> welcome pheonix

[17:42] <Phoenix> hi everyone

[17:42] * Looking up Pamela user info...

[17:42] <Florida_Jim> So, what do you think Pamela, do Alexander and John come from the same worldline (at least with a less than 2% divergence factor)?

[17:42] <Phoenix> Thank you Alex

[17:42] <Payton2152001> hey phoenix!

[17:42] <Pamela> Alex do you go to church here?

[17:43] <Pamela> I dont know Jim

[17:43] <AlexanderTT> I have thought about it, but it would be hard to stand next to my younger self

[17:43] <Florida_Jim> Good answer.

[17:43] <Pamela> what kind of church do you go to?

[17:44] <AlexanderTT> well I am non-denominational in your sense, but I suppose it would be baptist since my family goes to one

[17:44] <Florida_Jim> And is it a Sunday church?

[17:44] <AlexanderTT> not where i am from

[17:44] <AlexanderTT> the sabbath is on saturday

[17:44] <Pamela> sat right?

[17:45] * Pyro2000 has joined #TimeTravellersInn

[17:45] <AlexanderTT> of course that is the end of the week the way it was suppose to be

[17:45] <Cyberbomb> welcome abck pyro =D

[17:45] <FalseZen>

[17:45] <Pamela> do all the churches all denominATIONA have it on sat?

[17:45] <Pyro2000> IM SCARED VERY SCARED

[17:45] <Pyro2000> Pam sent the email

[17:45] <FalseZen> what's up Pyro?

[17:45] <Pamela> why are you scared?

[17:45] <FalseZen> oooh

[17:46] <Phoenix> That represent a closer attention to the words of the bible when they do it on saturday

[17:46] <AlexanderTT> that's a good question, I don't know about other religions pamela

[17:46] <Pamela> I got your email

[17:46] <Cyberbomb> share teh news pyro =D

[17:46] <Pyro2000> is anyone planning on attending the Super Bowl?

[17:46] <FalseZen> ha! not me

[17:46] <Cyberbomb> nope =P

[17:46] <Pamela> No I didnt get it. It caused an error in my word pad. dang!

[17:46] <Pyro2000> Dang it.

[17:46] <Pyro2000> Alex may i pm you.

[17:46] <Florida_Jim> I haven't heard of a Saturday Baptist church. When did that change come about?

[17:47] * Attempting to rejoin channel #TimeTravellersInn

[17:47] * Rejoined channel #TimeTravellersInn


[17:47] * Set by KPAX on Thu Jan 29 21:39:34

[17:47] * ChanServ sets mode: +o H1t|M4n

[17:47] <AlexanderTT> of course pyro

[17:47] <AlexanderTT> florida, a lot of changes came about

[17:47] <Florida_Jim> Just curious how that became the norm.

[17:47] <AlexanderTT> there really are no more baptist, the name just stuck

[17:47] <Florida_Jim> I used to attend a Saturday church.

[17:47] <Pamela> Can someone else send me last nights chat?

[17:48] <Cyberbomb> i will if u want =D

[17:48] <Phoenix> Religion I am sure became a lot more meaningful after such devastating tragedy

[17:48] <Florida_Jim> I don't have it or I would.

[17:48] <AlexanderTT> of course it did

[17:48] <Pamela> They still have church on sat. but sat night.

[17:48] <ebay-outlet> its my opinion really it doesn't matter what day of the week, because the lil things like that don't matter its the fact that you set time aside in worship, imho ...

[17:48] <AlexanderTT> there are some day-time worship in alabama pamela

[17:48] <Florida_Jim> The Sabbath is actually celebrated Friday sunset to Saturday sunset.

[17:49] <Pamela> ok Alex

[17:49] <AlexanderTT> one the seventh day he resed and so do we

[17:49] <Phoenix> Now that show real carefull attention to the bible when your note the sunset senset like that

[17:49] <Florida_Jim> 7th Day Adventists and other sects.

[17:49] <AlexanderTT> rested

[17:49] <Florida_Jim> Do you celebrate Christmas?

[17:49] <AlexanderTT> of course

[17:49] <AlexanderTT> why wouldn't we?

[17:50] <Florida_Jim> Some Saturday churches don't.

[17:50] <Phoenix> Adventists don't

[17:50] <ebay-outlet> is it as commercial? did santa get nuked? haa haa haa

[17:50] <Pamela> do you have any new holidays?

[17:50] <Florida_Jim> hahaha

[17:50] <Phoenix> it is considered a false holiday

[17:50] <AlexanderTT> yes

[17:50] <AlexanderTT> christmas is more about family and christianity yes

[17:50] <H1t|M4n> Yes Phoenix i was going to bring up that it is concidered a pagan holiday in our time AlexanderTT .

[17:50] <Florida_Jim> Like Veterans Day or more religious?

[17:50] <Phoenix> Tell us about the new ones Alex

[17:51] <FalseZen> no it is not hit

[17:51] <AlexanderTT> we celebrate a day for our farmer general

[17:51] <Pamela> which day is that? and what do you do?

[17:51] <H1t|M4n> FalseZen Christmas is not concidered a pagan holiday ?

[17:51] <FalseZen> no

[17:51] <Phoenix> It originally was a Pagan one, the church just put Christmass on it because evey one was celebrating the winter solace and it was taking focus away from the church

[17:52] <cerial> indeed

[17:52] <AlexanderTT> I think that would not be good information to give out, I will be happy to send it to you in a pm pamela

[17:52] <Florida_Jim> Saturnalia.

[17:52] <Pamela> ok

[17:52] <cerial> paganism ... the oldest religon !

[17:52] <ebay-outlet> it is kinda pagan--because its all centered around money, and gifts and that's akin to idol worshipping when all you look forward to for christmas is the shopping/gift giving when its supposed to be centered around christ,

[17:52] <Phoenix> It is probably the farmer B-day

[17:52] <Pamela> pm me then

[17:52] <Pamela>

[17:52] <ebay-outlet> and santa is more popular than christ on christmas day...

[17:53] <Florida_Jim> Santa and Jesus duke it out on South Park.

[17:53] <Phoenix> faith is the oldest religion

[17:53] <Pamela> what was that Alex?

[17:53] <Pamela> it closed.

[17:54] <Pamela> do it again

[17:54] <Florida_Jim> Jesus appeared to me in a dream last night. He was me though, not him. I guess he knows I'm the only person I listen to anymore.

[17:54] <Phoenix> hee hee hee Jim, what did he say?

[17:54] <FalseZen> omg

[17:54] <Pyro2000> what

[17:54] <Florida_Jim> I don't know but I was pretty upset when I woke up.

[17:55] <AlexanderTT> everyone tell pyro to calm down he needs a break

[17:55] <Phoenix> Because he was you, or because of what he said that you forgot?

[17:55] <Phoenix> What is Pyro doing?

[17:55] <Florida_Jim> Both probably.

[17:55] <ebay-outlet> calm down how?

[17:55] <FalseZen> don't encourage him. haa haa haa

[17:55] <Florida_Jim> I think God has a great sense of humor!

[17:56] <cerial> haa haa haa

[17:56] <Florida_Jim> Look at the platypus (as Robin Williams would say).

[17:56] <cerial> hiding dino bones for us to find

[17:56] <Phoenix>

[17:56] <AlexanderTT> I think his sense of humor is the same as his compasion

[17:56] <Florida_Jim> Unlimited, I hope.

[17:56] <Phoenix>

[17:56] <Phoenix> All encompassing

[17:56] <ebay-outlet> well, doesn't every parent sometime look at their kids and laugh at the stupid things they do?

[17:57] <Florida_Jim> Sad to say, yes!

[17:57] <ebay-outlet> haa haa haa

[17:57] <Pyro2000> gunna go have some fun

[17:57] <Phoenix> see ya Pyro

[17:57] <FalseZen> bye pyro

[17:57] <Phoenix>

[17:57] <cerial> cya mate

[17:57] <cerial> don;t think so much !

[17:57] <cerial>

[17:57] <H1t|M4n> Take Care Pyro2000

[17:58] <Florida_Jim> We were at a store with the self-checkout lanes and my ten year old said, "I think the future just arrived."

[17:58] <ebay-outlet> later pyro

[17:58] <Phoenix> hee hee hee@ Jim

[17:58] <Florida_Jim> Gotta laugh at that kind of stuff.

[17:58] <H1t|M4n> But Florida_Jim you heard what she said right ....

[17:58] <H1t|M4n> I mean that is so insightfull man

[17:59] <ebay-outlet> nah it won't be here n my opinion till cars fly and we have those conveyer belt walk way thingies like in the jetsons lmao

[17:59] <Florida_Jim> Yeah.

[17:59] <H1t|M4n> i mean your kid hit it right on the head

[17:59] <Phoenix> haa haa haa haa @ ebay

[17:59] <Florida_Jim> He's a deep little guy.

[17:59] <H1t|M4n> HaHa


Time Travel Professor
Jun 11, 2004
mIRC Jan. 31, 2004; Alexanders chat thanks to KPAX
Posted by: Professor Opmmur
Session Start: Mon Jan 31 15:04:26 2004
Session Ident: #TimeTravellersInn

18:00] <Florida_Jim> Pamela, have the naysayers driven you to drink yet?

[18:00] <H1t|M4n> HeHe

[18:00] <Pamela> huh?

[18:01] -> -Florida_Jim- she might be drinking right now as we speak HeHe

[18:01] <Florida_Jim> The finger pointers who say, "He's fake!" everytime you turn around.

[18:01] <ebay-outlet> didn't they like say in the 80's haa haa haa by now we'd have flyin' cars haa haa haa... n they keep stalling the fuel cell technology, stupid backward gov't

[18:01] <Pamela> Doesnt bother me Jim.

[18:01] <Florida_Jim> Good.

[18:02] <Florida_Jim> Sometimes I think John slid us onto "cynical world" like Jerry O'connel with a souped-up cell phone.

[18:02] <Phoenix> Alexander are solar powered cars nonsense?

[18:03] <ebay-outlet> haa haa haa alex do they have pizza in your time?

[18:03] <ebay-outlet> (--very random person)

[18:03] <Phoenix> hee he @ ebay

[18:03] <AlexanderTT> no solar power is used, I guess it could be used on cars, but most have fuel cells

[18:03] <AlexanderTT> the newer ones , the old ones still use good ol gas

[18:04] <Florida_Jim> Was your Honda retrofit?

[18:04] <ebay-outlet> --who could live in a future that doesn't have pizza haa haa haa

[18:04] <Phoenix> A friend wanted me to enquire about the metalic content of coinc in the future. He is a coin collector.

[18:05] <AlexanderTT> yes the honda I have is retrofit with a fuel cell it must be able to power the C404

[18:05] <AlexanderTT> I don't make coins

[18:06] <Phoenix> that is fine

[18:07] <Florida_Jim> How much power does the C404 need?

[18:07] <AlexanderTT> hmm, good question, let me see if I can look it up real fat

[18:07] <AlexanderTT> fast

[18:07] <Florida_Jim>

[18:08] <Florida_Jim> More than a car battery but less than a nuclear reactor, right?

[18:08] <Phoenix> hee hee @ Jim

[18:09] <LynneSny> <ebay-outlet> later pyro

[18:09] <LynneSny> <Phoenix> hee hee hee@ Jim

[18:09] <LynneSny> <Florida_Jim> Gotta laugh at that kind of stuff.

[18:09] <LynneSny> <H1t|M4n> But Florida_Jim you heard what she said right ....

[18:09] <LynneSny> <H1t|M4n> I mean that is so insightfull man

[18:09] <LynneSny> <ebay-outlet> nah it won't be here n my opinion till cars fly and we have those conveyer belt walk way thingies like in the jetsons lmao

[18:09] <LynneSny> <Florida_Jim> Yeah.

[18:09] <LynneSny> <H1t|M4n> i mean your kid hit it right on the head

[18:09] <LynneSny> <Phoenix> haa haa haa haa @ ebay

[18:09] <LynneSny> <Florida_Jim> He's a deep little guy.

[18:09] <LynneSny> <H1t|M4n> HaHa

[18:09] <LynneSny> <Florida_Jim> Pamela, have the naysayers driven you to drink yet?

[18:09] <LynneSny> <H1t|M4n> HeHe

[18:09] <LynneSny> <Pamela> huh?

[18:09] <LynneSny> <Florida_Jim> The finger pointers who say, "He's fake!" everytime you turn around.

[18:09] <LynneSny> <ebay-outlet> didn't they like say in the 80's haa haa haa by now we'd have flyin' cars haa haa haa... n they keep stalling the fuel cell technology, stupid backward gov't

[18:09] <LynneSny> <Pamela> Doesnt bother me Jim.

[18:09] <LynneSny> <Florida_Jim> Good.

[18:09] <LynneSny> <Florida_Jim> Sometimes I think John slid us onto "cynical world" like Jerry O'connel with a souped-up cell phone.

[18:09] <LynneSny> <Phoenix> Alexander are solar powered cars nonsense?

[18:09] <LynneSny> <ebay-outlet> haa haa haa alex do they have pizza in your time?

[18:09] <FalseZen> lynne...

[18:09] <LynneSny> <ebay-outlet> (--very random person)

[18:09] <LynneSny> * Retrieving #TimeTravellersInn modes...

[18:09] <LynneSny> <Phoenix> hee he @ ebay

[18:09] <LynneSny> <AlexanderTT> no solar power is used, I guess it could be used on cars, but most have fuel cells

[18:09] <LynneSny> <AlexanderTT> the newer ones , the old ones still use good ol gas

[18:09] <LynneSny> <Florida_Jim> Was your Honda retrofit?

[18:09] <LynneSny> <ebay-outlet> --who could live in a future that doesn't have pizza haa haa haa

[18:09] <LynneSny> <Phoenix> A friend wanted me to enquire about the metalic content of coinc in the future. He is a coin collector.

[18:09] <totally> What?

[18:09] <Florida_Jim> Yikes!

[18:09] <LynneSny> <AlexanderTT> yes the honda I have is retrofit with a fuel cell it must be able to power the C404

[18:10] <Cyberbomb> .....

[18:10] <cerial> whats happenin ?

[18:10] <AlexanderTT> what is going on?

[18:10] <ebay-outlet> deja vu?

[18:10] <ebay-outlet> haa haa haa

[18:10] <totally> Hehe

[18:10] <FalseZen> lynne is reading

[18:10] <Florida_Jim> all over again

[18:10] <ebay-outlet> lmao

[18:10] <Pamela> haa haa haa

[18:10] <FalseZen> don't want to miss anything huh lynne? haa haa haa

[18:10] <totally> And now LynneSny will start pasting what he/she/it said

[18:10] <LynneSny> Yes FalseZen

[18:10] <Phoenix> haa haa haa haa @ totally

[18:11] <Pamela> wow there is a lot in the room now

[18:11] -> -LynneSny- what was your point in reposting that to me,i'm trying to understand,what i was refering tot was what Florida_Jim's kid had said in the Grocery Store,that was all

[18:11] <AlexanderTT> hey florida

[18:11] <Florida_Jim> Yes sir?

[18:11] -> -LynneSny- help me to understand what you mean,so that i can better address the point you're tryingto make ok ?

[18:12] <AlexanderTT> does this make sense, im reading, in order for an emergency jump the C404 is supplyed a constant power source

[18:12] <FalseZen> yes

[18:12] <AlexanderTT> no thats not what you wanted, hold o i'll find it

[18:12] <LynneSny> I see what I did, Sorry

[18:12] <Florida_Jim> Cool!

[18:12] <FalseZen> np

[18:12] <ebay-outlet> haa haa haa hey i need to get goin' alex it was a pleasure listenin' and chattin' w/ ya hearin' bout the future n stuff...

[18:12] <Florida_Jim> I didn't know you had the manual right there.

[18:12] * Pyro2000 has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)

[18:13] <AlexanderTT> yeah but most of it is greek

[18:13] <AlexanderTT> you'll get a copy, so will everyone

[18:13] <Pamela> you have a manual?

[18:13] -> -LynneSny- that is np @ all no need to apologise my friend

[18:13] <Florida_Jim> Fantastic!

[18:13] <AlexanderTT> yeah

[18:13] <Phoenix> cool

[18:13] <LynneSny> Thanks

[18:13] <FalseZen> my own copy? waaay cool

[18:13] <Pamela> we will?

[18:13] <AlexanderTT> basic operation's manual

[18:13] <Phoenix> yeah

[18:13] <Pamela> are you just joking?

[18:13] <AlexanderTT> yeah the five people remember

[18:13] <cerial> sweet

[18:14] <cerial> indeed

[18:14] <Florida_Jim> I missed that I think.

[18:14] <FalseZen> me too

[18:14] <Florida_Jim> What five people?

[18:14] <Phoenix> I think Pam would be one

[18:14] <AlexanderTT> I am going to decide on five people to leave pictures, video's and other information to when I leave

[18:15] <Phoenix> ok

[18:15] <Florida_Jim> Then please include Pamela.

[18:15] -> -Phoenix- that would be kewl if he gives out the opperations manual,you can have Dr.Bender and Dr.Tom Take alook @ it also

[18:15] <FalseZen> oooh

[18:15] <Florida_Jim> We all trust her.

[18:15] <AlexanderTT> ok, power cunsumption section C 1.13

[18:15] <FalseZen> to upload it later? haa haa haa

[18:15] <AlexanderTT> hold on

[18:15] <Florida_Jim> She'll get it to us no matter what.

[18:16] <Phoenix> Pam do you know anything about the video John was suppose to have taken of his departure?

[18:16] <Pamela> I never got it Pheonix. It was suppose to come in the mail

[18:16] <Phoenix> hmmm

[18:16] <FalseZen> Well isn't the mail controlled by the governments?

[18:16] <cerial> intercepted perhaps ?

[18:17] <AlexanderTT> a substitute power supply can be used if the fuel cell is damaged, such as a radial generator capable of over 2,000 volts

[18:17] <ebay-outlet> try fed ex next time haa haa haa

[18:17] <Phoenix> It would just be a video know how would they know?

[18:17] <Pamela> the problem was after i got the label i announced I was getting a video soon and it never showed up.

[18:17] <AlexanderTT> does that make sense?

[18:17] -> -AlexanderTT- [<AlexanderTT> I am going to decide on five people to leave,pictures, video's and other information to when I leave].That would be very kewl,but make sure that no one as i know you won't,let anyone influence your dessions @ all

[18:17] <Phoenix> 2,000 volts

[18:17] <Florida_Jim> Wow!

[18:18] <AlexanderTT> whats a radial generator?

[18:18] <FalseZen> Uh, no clue

[18:18] -> -AlexanderTT- you're a smart man AlexanderTT i know you will do what is right

[18:18] <Florida_Jim> I'm guessing a standard gas powered generator.

[18:18] <FalseZen> anybody else know?

[18:18] <Florida_Jim> Like one in an RV.

[18:19] <AlexanderTT> its got symbols in her I dont understand i think one means ohms

[18:19] <H1t|M4n> I can't jump into speculative thoughts @ this time,because i would haven on idea hehe

[18:19] <H1t|M4n> does it look like a Horse Shoe AlexanderTT ?

[18:19] <AlexanderTT> it says symbol( i think ohms) = 150 x 290

[18:19] <H1t|M4n> Then its Ohms

[18:19] <AlexanderTT> looks like a spiral

[18:20] <AlexanderTT> like a spring

[18:20] <H1t|M4n> hmm

[18:20] <H1t|M4n> That can also be a symbol for a coil

[18:20] <Florida_Jim> Doc Brown and Marty McFly had it all wrong. It's not a Delorean but a Winnebago you need!

[18:20] <AlexanderTT> oh wait I feel dumb that the key for the skematic

[18:20] <Pamela> a spring?

[18:20] <FalseZen> Am I the only one who thinks it kind of scary to have a time machine, and not be able to understand the basic manual? haa haa haa

[18:21] <totally> Hehe

[18:21] <Florida_Jim> hahaha

[18:21] <Pamela> I am just surprised they dont teach them

[18:21] <Pamela> what the heck

[18:21] <AlexanderTT> you think your scared, what if I blow myself up

[18:21] <Phoenix>

[18:21] <FalseZen> You should study more Alex. heehee

[18:21] <Florida_Jim> John k***ed it for them by taking off like Doctor Who.

[18:21] <cerial> do u know the ins and outs of ur cars engine FalseZen ???

[18:21] <cerial> or a mircowave ?

[18:21] <AlexanderTT> good point cerial

[18:21] <Pamela> thats what I said they dont train them and they have everything automated. no more joy rides!

[18:21] <FalseZen> nope, but I can understand the user manuals

[18:22] <FalseZen> heehee

[18:22] <cerial> haa haa haa

[18:22] <FalseZen> Hope you never need to change the power over...

[18:22] <Pamela> after John came back they said thats it!

[18:23] <FalseZen> Who said that's it?

[18:23] <Florida_Jim> Alexander's bosses.

[18:23] <FalseZen> oooh, sorry

[18:23] <AlexanderTT> NEAT , it said that the unit itself contains enough charge for one jump in case the power source is diconnected, I wonder why then does it need a constant power supply for an emergency jump

[18:24] <Florida_Jim> John just hopped all over time.

[18:24] <Florida_Jim> 1.21 Jiggowatts.

[18:24] <Pamela> UH OH Alex is reading the manual! No more manuals next trip! haa haa haa

[18:24] <ikubed> why hand out the manual, if you dont fully understand it??

[18:25] <totally> Hehe

[18:25] <FalseZen> maybe we'll be able to? haa haa haa

[18:25] <AlexanderTT> well i'm sure i could figure it out if I had to but i'm just scimming through

[18:25] <Pamela> Because the other people he came with do understand it.

[18:25] <FalseZen> good point

[18:25] <Pamela> Alex was not trained

[18:25] <ikubed> ahhh, haa haa haa

[18:25] <AlexanderTT> that's true except for one other

[18:26] <AlexanderTT> I wasnt trained on the C404

[18:26] <Florida_Jim> How about the other models?

[18:26] -> -FalseZen- I saw that you were asking AlexanderTT about the manual,this is my personal opinion,i think that if you have something to say like maybe you should read more try to be a little more sensitive to how the person feels,this is just how i feel ok ?

[18:26] <AlexanderTT> the D101 is still in testing

[18:27] <Pamela> whats that one do?

[18:27] <AlexanderTT> it has 4 singularities

[18:27] <Pamela> 4?

[18:27] <AlexanderTT> thats really all i know

[18:27] <Florida_Jim> What are it's specs?

[18:27] <Phoenix> Is it more percise as a result?

[18:27] <cerial> was lookin up radial generators on google .. the first 10 sites are all US mititary !!!!

[18:27] <Pamela> it could go back further

[18:27] <AlexanderTT> I think it has a farther distance it can go

[18:27] <cerial> or similar !

[18:27] <AlexanderTT> interesting

[18:28] <Pamela> See i am gleeming info remembered on another line. lolol kidding

[18:28] <AlexanderTT> I don't think I could just ask to borrow one from them

[18:28] <cerial> haa haa haa

[18:28] <AlexanderTT> so lets hope the fuel cell works

[18:28] <FalseZen> haa haa haa

[18:28] <cerial> no .. i think they might have a few questions for u !!

[18:28] <totally> AlexanderTT, one thing im also wondering about(This has probably been explained befor) When you go back in time do the time machine move? Like from a city to another city?

[18:28] <AlexanderTT> WOW!!! it's got emergency situations in here

[18:29] <Pamela> yeah...hey can i borrow this generator for my time machine?

[18:29] <Pamela> read the emergency sits.

[18:29] <Phoenix> Cool, we forced Alexander to read his manuel

[18:29] <AlexanderTT> no totally, it can't if it does the earth will rotate away from it

[18:29] <cerial> haa haa haa

[18:29] <cerial> VGL lock right ?


Time Travel Professor
Jun 11, 2004
mIRC Jan. 31, 2004; Alexanders chat thanks to KPAX
Posted by: Professor Opmmur
Session Start: Mon Jan 31 15:04:26 2004
Session Ident: #TimeTravellersInn

[18:30] <totally> Then how do you know where you will "land"

[18:30] <AlexanderTT> I don't think I'm going to post this section

[18:30] <AlexanderTT> scary

[18:30] <AlexanderTT> yes cerial

[18:30] <Phoenix> Hmmm

[18:30] <Pamela> our earth is...gone?

[18:30] <cerial> oh pls ..

[18:30] <cerial> scare us !

[18:30] <cerial>

[18:30] <Pamela> so much for this worldline! haa haa haa

[18:30] <Florida_Jim> hahaha

[18:30] <totally> I still find it hard belive that we have a time-machine in the year 2036

[18:30] <cerial> <totally> Then how do you know where you will "land" <<< it doesn;t move totally ... it moves everything else arround it ... right alex ?

[18:30] <AlexanderTT> let's just say that the answer to most on this first page instructs me that I have a suicide capsule

[18:31] <Florida_Jim> Oh boy.

[18:31] <FalseZen> ack!

[18:31] <Phoenix> nice...

[18:31] <Cyberbomb> haa haa haa

[18:31] <cerial> well that makes sense !

[18:31] <AlexanderTT> no it actually moves gravity around it

[18:31] <Pamela> John said the machine drops out if there is a malfunction

[18:31] <cerial> right

[18:31] <cerial> got ya

[18:31] <AlexanderTT> yeah, its got that in here

[18:31] <H1t|M4n> See now this is what i'm talking about ... everyone is getting to the main and real questions they have wanted to ask from the very start HeHe

[18:32] <Florida_Jim> If the malfunction is in the malfunction sensor, you're in real trouble.

[18:32] <AlexanderTT> WOW, in case of infinite travel

[18:32] <AlexanderTT> that one looks interesting

[18:32] <Pamela> what was the year of the last update on your manual Alex?

[18:32] <AlexanderTT> let me look

[18:32] <cerial> that u donlt drop out ?

[18:32] <H1t|M4n> haa haa haa@ cerial

[18:32] <totally> AlexanderTT, does your time machine look anything like John's?

[18:32] <Phoenix> "in case" of "infinite" travel?????

[18:33] <AlexanderTT> it was updated 2038 not tellin what month

[18:33] <AlexanderTT> no it doesnt look like johns from the outside

[18:33] <Florida_Jim> Makes me think of the Infinite Improbability Drive.

[18:33] <Pamela> and what year did you say you came from?

[18:33] <Phoenix> hee hee @ Jim

[18:33] <AlexanderTT> 2039

[18:33] <Pamela> so its pretty recent

[18:34] <Florida_Jim> You said it's the size of a tower PC, right?

[18:34] <AlexanderTT> the C404 is new

[18:34] <Pamela> infinite time travel. that means you aint never coming back

[18:34] <AlexanderTT> yes

[18:34] -> -Phoenix- Oh BTW if you happen to come into the channel and services do not op you My script will do it for me automaticaly .

[18:34] <Florida_Jim> How heavy?

[18:34] <totally> How was the experince when you went back in time? Did it happend in a second, minute, hour?

[18:34] <Pamela> good question jim

[18:34] <AlexanderTT> infinite travel it says that the machine might drop out and you remain in the black

[18:34] <Phoenix> What does it say? "Sit back and relax you will d** soner or later."?

[18:35] <Pamela> haa haa haa

[18:35] <AlexanderTT> about 200 hundred punds I would think

[18:35] <Florida_Jim> hahaha

[18:35] <cerial> read the forums totally ... these questions were answered there !!!!

[18:35] <Florida_Jim> Ouch!

[18:35] <totally> bah

[18:35] <Florida_Jim> That's dense.

[18:35] <AlexanderTT> it says to reprogram it for another jump or if you can't do an emergency jump

[18:35] <Pamela> 300 less than Johns

[18:35] <H1t|M4n> I think the answer to that was postend in the channel when you were not here before totally,I think he said it took him to hours to come to this Temporal Time .

[18:35] <Phoenix> Well that is better then what I thought. Glad to hear.

[18:36] <AlexanderTT> yes about 2 hours

[18:36] <totally> k

[18:36] <Pamela> how many sing did you have in yours Alex?

[18:36] <H1t|M4n> and its only about 2 minutes on your Temproal time is it not AlexanderTT ?

[18:36] <AlexanderTT> wow it actually has a line that says, in case of detonation and the answer is you should not be around when this happens

[18:37] <Florida_Jim> hahaha

[18:37] <AlexanderTT> thats funny in a weird way

[18:37] <Cyberbomb> haa haa haa

[18:37] <AlexanderTT> i think they mean I missed the jump though which is why it detonated

[18:37] <Pamela> Alex's manual contains humor

[18:37] <Florida_Jim> I'm a time traveler, if you see me running, try to keep up!

[18:37] <H1t|M4n> Sorry everyone just trying to update totally a little on what was said when he was not in the channel,incase Phoenix or anyone else have not posted logs of it on the forum .

[18:38] <cerial> ok mate

[18:38] <Pamela> will this be posted?

[18:38] <H1t|M4n> It should be

[18:38] <AlexanderTT> yeah, I'll post the whole thing

[18:38] <Phoenix> haa haa haa haa @ Jim

[18:38] <Pamela> why was last nights not posted?

[18:38] <H1t|M4n> If no one has it i have everysingle log from start to end everything

[18:39] <Phoenix> Be sure to Post it Tony ok.

[18:39] <H1t|M4n> Well i have last nights also

[18:39] <AlexanderTT> I'm going to keep reading this on my trip tonight

[18:39] <ikubed> alex, has your timeline been visited by future travellers?

[18:39] <Pamela> last nights was not posted.

[18:39] <AlexanderTT> its actually interesting

[18:40] <Phoenix> Yeah do that Alex, it might come in handy to know

[18:40] <Florida_Jim> Will you be gone long?

[18:40] <AlexanderTT> ikubed this possible not probable, they are busy with other things

[18:40] <AlexanderTT> I will be back tommorrow as usual

[18:40] <ikubed> okay

[18:40] <AlexanderTT> I still have some time left though

[18:40] <FalseZen>

[18:41] <AlexanderTT> oh heres the chapter everyone wants to know

[18:41] <Pamela> When Alex comes back he will know how to work the machine and they wont let him go on any more missions.

[18:41] <Phoenix> ?

[18:41] <Florida_Jim> "If only I had more time! Wait a minute, what am I talking about? I have a time machine!"

[18:41] <AlexanderTT> artificial singularity functions

[18:41] <cerial> hehehe

[18:41] <Phoenix> hmmm

[18:41] <FalseZen> do tell

[18:42] <Phoenix> As in equations?

[18:42] <AlexanderTT> it is completely another language

[18:42] <Florida_Jim>

[18:42] <FalseZen> math??

[18:42] <AlexanderTT> ok i'll try to do this

[18:42] <H1t|M4n> Nano

[18:42] <Pamela> why would they put it in another laguage?

[18:42] <Florida_Jim> Scientific language.

[18:42] <Phoenix> can be hard to do math in ascii

[18:42] <AlexanderTT> its got a formaula that it calls the lorenzt inversion

[18:42] <FalseZen> oh yeah

[18:42] <H1t|M4n> True Phoenix hehe

[18:42] <Phoenix> ok

[18:42] <Cyberbomb> 2+2=5 =P

[18:42] <FalseZen> wooo

[18:42] <AlexanderTT> lorent;z

[18:42] <Pamela> oh that is the formula darby likes.

[18:42] <cerial> shush ppl ... let the man type

[18:42] <AlexanderTT> lorent'z

[18:43] <cerial>

[18:43] <cerial> ah .. the Dr. brown thing ?

[18:43] <AlexanderTT> and one called advanced gravitational theory

[18:43] <AlexanderTT> WOW!! its three pages long

[18:43] <Pamela> Oh I like that one.

[18:43] <Phoenix> cool, maybe when you got more time you can tell us about it

[18:43] <FalseZen> oh,oh,oh ...I wanna read it

[18:43] <Phoenix>

[18:44] <cerial> haa haa haa

[18:44] <Pamela> haa haa haa

[18:44] <AlexanderTT> there one called singularity pulse inversion

[18:44] <AlexanderTT> that one is very short

[18:44] <Florida_Jim> Ooooh!

[18:44] <Phoenix> Actually such forumal I think would qualify as a proof of sorts

[18:44] <Pamela>

[18:44] <FalseZen> eh, now your just teasing us. haa haa haa

[18:44] <cerial> alex ... ur making all the men go moist !!

[18:44] <Pamela> i feel teased.

[18:44] <AlexanderTT> it's pie x C x L = Distination

[18:45] <Florida_Jim> L?

[18:45] <FalseZen> hmm

[18:45] <AlexanderTT> trying to find it

[18:45] <Phoenix> C being speed of light?

[18:45] <cerial> c is the speed of light right ?

[18:45] <Florida_Jim> yes

[18:45] <AlexanderTT> c = speed of light

[18:45] <Florida_Jim> but what's L?

[18:45] <Phoenix> Destination as in time displacement?

[18:46] <AlexanderTT> L equalls now i'm typing this letter by letter L= xm x C x C3.5

[18:46] <AlexanderTT> whats xm?

[18:46] <Phoenix> Pie is a constant

[18:46] <Phoenix> c would be meters over seconds

[18:46] <Florida_Jim> I was hoping you could tell us.

[18:46] <AlexanderTT> i'm looking

[18:46] <Phoenix> hmm

[18:46] <Cyberbomb> xm = xenometer?? =P

[18:47] <Florida_Jim>

[18:47] <AlexanderTT> this is weird explanations of equations are EQUATIONS

[18:47] <AlexanderTT> jeesh

[18:47] <cerial> haa haa haa

[18:47] <Pamela> haa haa haa

[18:47] <Florida_Jim> hahaha

[18:47] <Phoenix> hee hee hee he

[18:47] <AlexanderTT> i feel like a kid again

[18:47] <Phoenix> Someone needs a copy of that

[18:47] <cerial> well type away ... there are ppl that understand that ... not me .. but ppl !!

[18:47] <cerial>

[18:47] <Florida_Jim> hehehe

[18:47] <Phoenix> Math is very hard to type, especially in ascii

[18:47] <Payton2152001> alex...I've sent you a PM on the forum...can you please please please please read it and respond as soon as possible? it's very important to me...

[18:48] <AlexanderTT> ok payton

[18:48] <Payton2152001> thank you sooo much

[18:48] <AlexanderTT> the chapter before says super string theory

[18:48] <Pamela> oops hope payton is not the one working on that equation right now. haa haa haa

[18:49] <Payton2152001>'m hardly the genius

[18:49] <FalseZen> that was me , I gotta go soon

[18:49] <Pamela>

[18:49] <Phoenix> Gannon would have loved to hear that one on Super String

[18:49] <cerial> couldn;t u scan in a few select few pages .. and distrubate to the ppl u trust ?

[18:49] <AlexanderTT> is it true that John spoke to machio kaku?

[18:49] <Pamela> so superstrong theory is correct then?

[18:49] * OmegaKnight has joined #TimeTravellersInn

[18:49] <Pamela> string

[18:49] <cerial> or wanna wait till ur safe ?

[18:49] <H1t|M4n> WelCome OmegaKnight

[18:49] <OmegaKnight> hey all

[18:50] <AlexanderTT> yeah it says there are 7 inversions whatever that means

[18:50] <Pamela> I spoke to kaku about John

[18:50] <cerial> wb omeaga

[18:50] <OmegaKnight> miss anything good?

[18:50] <H1t|M4n> Just a little OmegaKnight

[18:50] <cerial> jus some equations !

[18:50] <AlexanderTT> maybe I should send him a copy of the manual

[18:50] <AlexanderTT> what does everyone think?

[18:50] * ikubed has quit IRC (Quit: )

[18:50] <H1t|M4n> Its been one of the best i have seen inawhile though it took everyone a little while to get going heh

[18:50] <Pamela> kaku seems like a very nice man

[18:51] <cerial> singularity pulse inversion = pie x C x L = Distination were c=the speed of light and L= xm x C x C3.5

[18:51] <cerial> deff alex ...

[18:51] <cerial> i think that'd make his century !

[18:52] <AlexanderTT> I think your right

[18:52] <Phoenix> Well it is aplied anyways, correct is a little strong for such math models

[18:52] <Phoenix> who?

[18:52] <Phoenix> kaku?

[18:52] <Florida_Jim> Send it to us first though!

[18:52] <Florida_Jim> Just in case that draws too much attention.

[18:52] <Phoenix> you wind up with C to the third like that

[18:52] <Florida_Jim> I'd love to hear Art Bell's comments on receiving a time machine manual!

[18:52] <Pamela> no art bell would be a waste of time

[18:52] <H1t|M4n> HeHe

[18:52] <Pamela> kaku is a physisist

[18:52] <Florida_Jim> He'd be like, "Oh my god!"

[18:52] <Phoenix> yeah

[18:53] <Phoenix> Kaku should get it

[18:53] <AlexanderTT> yeah , i'm not a physicist but if I could make one's day it would make me feel good

[18:53] -> -Phoenix- who is Kaku ?

[18:53] <FalseZen> Couldn't you get into trouble for handing out copies Alex?

[18:53] <Florida_Jim> Well, Kaku really took a liking to John's ideas on time travel.

[18:53] <AlexanderTT> why?

[18:54] <FalseZen> nevermind then. haa haa haa

[18:54] <Pamela> its not like kaku could make the machine

[18:54] <AlexanderTT> all things possible remember, in some worldline I gave away the information, night as well be this one

[18:54] <FalseZen>

[18:54] <Phoenix>

[18:54] <Florida_Jim> Definitely should be this one!

[18:54] <Florida_Jim>

[18:54] <Cyberbomb> =D

[18:54] <Pamela> what will the result be

[18:55] <AlexanderTT> probably get them thinking in new ways

[18:55] <Phoenix> our future

[18:55] <Cyberbomb> for starts, maybe find out what xm stands for =P

[18:55] <AlexanderTT> which is a good thing anyway

[18:55] <Florida_Jim> hehe

[18:55] <Pamela> he is close anyway to finding out the truth

[18:55] <Florida_Jim> satellite radio

[18:55] <Pamela> I guess Mallett is another one close

[18:55] <Florida_Jim> So the question is, who really invented time travel?

[18:55] <cerial> is time travel is discovered beacuse ye came back and someone got a hold of ur manuals perhaps ???

[18:56] <AlexanderTT> I will not give that away

[18:56] <Phoenix> Ah the paradox that we talked about on the board

[18:56] <FalseZen> hhe@Cerial

[18:56] <AlexanderTT> it was really the cultivation of several peoples idea's

[18:56] <Florida_Jim> But how do you know that person didn't get it from some other time traveler?

[18:56] <AlexanderTT> oh and CERN labs

[18:56] <cerial> well of course !!

[18:56] <Pamela> perhaps cern labs should get a copy

[18:56] <H1t|M4n> I would like to say this also AlexanderTT,I know i was saying that the dession should come from you and no one should influence you on who should get the manuals,but i would like to put out a thought of someone i feel i can trust its one person i don't think,but know as a fact i can trust .......

[18:56] <H1t|M4n> Phoenix

[18:56] <Phoenix> yeah

[18:57] <cerial>

[18:57] <Cyberbomb> =D

[18:57] <cerial> u trust him ?!?!

[18:57] <cerial>

[18:57] <Florida_Jim> As long as you send it to the rest of us.

[18:57] <AlexanderTT> I will not disclose who the five is but I have choosen 3 of them already

[18:57] * cerial is joshin !

[18:57] <Cyberbomb> =o

[18:57] <H1t|M4n> Good AlexanderTT i'm glad to hear that you're doing this all on your own

[18:58] <cerial> big time !

[18:58] <AlexanderTT> maybe there in the room with us right now, maybe I said that to mislead you

[18:58] <AlexanderTT> tangled web we weave

[18:58] <cerial> ahahaa

[18:58] <Cyberbomb> mmm, mind games r teh fun =P

[18:58] <Florida_Jim> Good to see intrigue hasn't died in the next 4 decades.

[18:58] <AlexanderTT> oh, I recognize that equation

[18:59] <cerial> haa haa haa

[18:59] <Phoenix> hee hee @ Alexander weaving a web

[18:59] <Pamela> what kind of training do you have if it is not in the area of the time machine and how it works?

[18:59] <AlexanderTT> e= mc2

[18:59] <cerial> hehehe

[18:59] <cerial> whats that mean

[18:59] <Florida_Jim> No, I thought of that.

[18:59] <AlexanderTT> I am a military strategist, well I was during the war


Time Travel Professor
Jun 11, 2004
mIRC Jan. 31, 2004; Alexanders chat thanks to KPAX
Posted by: Professor Opmmur
Session Start: Mon Jan 31 15:04:26 2004
Session Ident: #TimeTravellersInn

[19:00] <AlexanderTT> basically a foot soldier that survived

[19:00] <OmegaKnight> Ouch

[19:00] <Florida_Jim> X is probably an undetermined variable, M=mass, C=speed of light

[19:00] <Phoenix> that is what I am thinking too JIm

[19:00] <AlexanderTT> so you think maybe x depends on the situation?

[19:00] <Pamela> How did they pick you for the job?

[19:00] <cerial> X = the mass of the BH ???

[19:00] <Florida_Jim> right

[19:00] <AlexanderTT> I voluteered

[19:00] <Phoenix> X is what you get to control

[19:00] <AlexanderTT> I cant spell

[19:01] <H1t|M4n> HeHe

[19:01] <Pamela> what interested you about the mission?

[19:01] <H1t|M4n> I can't either AlexanderTT

[19:01] <Phoenix> BH??

[19:01] <Florida_Jim> black hole

[19:01] <AlexanderTT> do you want to know the truth?

[19:01] <Phoenix> ah

[19:01] <Pamela> of course

[19:01] <AlexanderTT> I wanted to see my mom again

[19:01] <Phoenix> well if it was going to refer to a mass that would make sense

[19:01] <Pamela> well that is understandable

[19:01] <Phoenix>

[19:01] <cerial> well it would have to be in there somewhere !

[19:02] <AlexanderTT> plus i thought it would be an incredible experience

[19:02] <Florida_Jim> Has it been/

[19:02] <Florida_Jim> ?

[19:02] <Phoenix> Has it been Alex?

[19:02] <AlexanderTT> of course

[19:02] <AlexanderTT> you try it!!

[19:02] <Phoenix>

[19:02] <Phoenix> Good

[19:02] <cerial> god yeah alex ... i'd give my right arm for an experience like that !

[19:02] <Phoenix> heehee

[19:02] <AlexanderTT> its a rush

[19:02] <cerial> expierence is the essence of life !

[19:03] <Pamela> do you have different opinions of us now than before?

[19:03] <Phoenix> Good question Pam

[19:03] <AlexanderTT> not as a whole

[19:03] <Cyberbomb> were more annoying then ever =P

[19:03] <AlexanderTT> I do believe that there are some people like yourselves that did not deserve what happened to them

[19:03] <Pamela> John said his view of us changed 180 degrees

[19:03] <Florida_Jim> People are people through all time and space. It's only the circumstances that make us different.

[19:04] <AlexanderTT> Maybe that will happen , but I still see alot of sleeping people who don't care

[19:04] <H1t|M4n> So true AlexanderTT

[19:04] <Cyberbomb> ph33r the id0ling spys =o

[19:04] <Phoenix> I know what you mean Alexander, it is sad

[19:04] <cerial> well its the way that ppl these days are broght up

[19:05] <cerial> donlt think .. obey/consume etc

[19:05] <Florida_Jim> We'd say the same if we were in Pearle Harbor the summer of '41.

[19:05] <H1t|M4n> ProGramed cerial ? hehe

[19:05] <AlexanderTT> the stuff on t.v. is horrible

[19:05] <cerial> hehe

[19:05] <cerial> indeed

[19:05] <H1t|M4n>

[19:05] <Pamela> I agree there Alex i watch little tv

[19:05] <cerial> its all bout instillin fear ..

[19:05] <AlexanderTT> you know if ther is life out there, they are probably watching your t.v. signals
[19:05] <Pamela> I find very little of it entertaining

[19:05] <Florida_Jim> I thought that was religion's job.

[19:05] <AlexanderTT> chilling thought

[19:06] <cerial> galaxy quest !!!!

[19:06] <FalseZen> I have to go

[19:06] <AlexanderTT> what?

[19:06] <Florida_Jim> Instilling fear.

[19:06] <AlexanderTT> send me an e-mail later FalseZen

[19:06] <Pamela> by false zen

[19:06] <Florida_Jim> I guess the government wants that job now.

[19:06] <H1t|M4n> FalseZen ........ Take Care Good to Have You Here

[19:06] <cerial> cya FalseZen

[19:06] <FalseZen> somebody be sure to post this - bye everybody - already did just before I logged in here Alex

[19:06] <Cyberbomb> bye false =(

[19:06] <AlexanderTT>

[19:06] <cerial> are al the filghts that are being cancelled att he mo significant btw ?

[19:06] <Phoenix> bye hun

[19:07] <LynneSny>

[19:07] <FalseZen> bye

[19:07] <Phoenix> thanks for calling me in here

[19:07] <Florida_Jim> Is it the weather?

[19:07] <AlexanderTT> I told pyro to watch the T.V. tonight and tommorrow

[19:07] <cerial> the flights ?

[19:07] * FalseZen has quit IRC (Quit: )

[19:07] <cerial> right

[19:07] <Florida_Jim> right

[19:07] <cerial> cool beans alex

[19:07] <Pamela> whats going to happen?

[19:07] <AlexanderTT> but at the same time Don't hold your breath!!

[19:08] <Pamela> what?

[19:08] <cerial> ok ..

[19:08] <cerial> i get ya alex

[19:08] <Florida_Jim> John's old trick.

[19:08] <cerial> may i PM u pam ?

[19:08] <Pamela> yes

[19:08] <AlexanderTT> well let's just say this, ther is *********** threat that they are going to attack but it will not be a 911

[19:09] <LynneSny> Good Night Everyone! Thank You again Alex.

[19:09] <AlexanderTT> in fact there might even be little mention on the new, maybe a mention of "almost devastating attack"

[19:09] <Florida_Jim> I want to know but also for your safety Alex, I understand caution.

[19:09] <Phoenix> goodnight Lynne

[19:09] <Cyberbomb> l8r lynne =(

[19:09] <AlexanderTT> your welcome lynnesny

[19:09] <cerial> ah .. they catch it ?

[19:10] <AlexanderTT> long answer there cerial

[19:10] <cerial> right .. i'll wait and see

[19:10] <AlexanderTT> I know what carpel tunnel is now

[19:10] <Pamela> thanks cerial

[19:10] <AlexanderTT> ouch

[19:10] <cerial> ahaha

[19:11] <Phoenix> hee hee @ Alex

[19:11] <Phoenix> careful bud, easy on the hands

[19:11] <Florida_Jim> What's computer technology like in the future?

[19:11] <Phoenix> Voice activated?

[19:12] <Pamela> they must not use their hands.

[19:12] <Florida_Jim> Does voice recognition ever work right?

[19:12] <AlexanderTT> very mobile is how I would descibe it

[19:12] <Florida_Jim> Ever heard of a Sermor?

[19:12] <Pamela> good question Jim'

[19:12] <AlexanderTT> and we dont have computer crashes, since command line interpreturs are making a come back

[19:13] <AlexanderTT> No

[19:13] <Pamela> no sermor?

[19:13] <AlexanderTT> but I never heard exos either

[19:13] <Florida_Jim> Oh that invention what's his name was asking about.

[19:13] <Pamela> sermor was what the Timetraveler Ardon said he used as a cell phone

[19:14] <AlexanderTT> ha! that would be neat

[19:14] <Pamela> it had a holographic image

[19:14] <Florida_Jim> Ever heard a character name from a book or movie called Ardon Krep?

[19:14] <AlexanderTT> i have a GPS does that count

[19:14] <Florida_Jim>

[19:14] <AlexanderTT> ardon krep?

[19:14] <Florida_Jim> Right.

[19:14] <Pamela> John used GPS also he was surprised his worked here.

[19:15] <AlexanderTT> rings a bell but can't put a finger on it

[19:15] <AlexanderTT> mine works too:)

[19:15] <Pamela> germany. think germany

[19:15] <AlexanderTT> same sattellites

[19:15] <cerial> same sats in orbit

[19:15] <cerial> snap !

[19:15] <AlexanderTT> its not as accurate though

[19:15] <Florida_Jim> civilian fog

[19:15] <AlexanderTT> its like within 15 feet, before it was like 2 inches

[19:16] <Pamela> wow

[19:16] <Pamela> Ardon krep claimed to be trained by John

[19:16] <AlexanderTT> well what would you do with thousands of spy sattelites left over from a government that doesnt exsist?

[19:16] <Florida_Jim> GPS units from this time compensate and get within a couple feet.

[19:17] &l
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Time Travel Professor
Jun 11, 2004
There is 2 or 3 more months to post yet.
It will take time for me to do the posting.
I hope members will like the information
posted here.


Jul 25, 2013
Alright, well the bad grammar and writing style confirm that Alexander is not TR. Thanks for posting, Op. I'm reading through it.


Senior Member
Jul 9, 2011
Thank you for posting that. It is the first time I have seen this.
This guy seems to know a lot about Titor's world, but his grammar and his syntax indicates to me that he is enlisted, not someone who would qualify to operate a C204 or a C404 or whatever. Perhaps he stole it and went AWOL! I'm also interested in his religious comments. I was born a Southern Baptist yet he says there are no Baptists. I would love to hear Pam's comments after rereading all of this. I'm more inclined to believe someone like Oliver Williams and or TemporalRecon is John or another John.