Antigravity Experiments?

he's wrong
there's no convergence or divergence of magnetic field lines.
if there was, would mean a magnetic monopole and would be easily detected.

what he's missing is there's another field produced by the interaction of the two magnetic fields which does converge/diverge with the right geometries. This induces a secondary field that affects weight.
A secondary magnetic field?


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There is another magnetic effect that can help you visualize this extra force that keeps popping up with magnetic and electric fields. It is called MHD propulsion. The Navy uses MHD propulsion to propel submarines because it is silent. It follows the pattern of Newtons laws. Specifically an inertial acceleration. The submarine moves one way while the sea water which is electromagnetically propelled, moves the other way. So there are two opposing forces created. We know about them but I've noticed very little is taught about them in schools. The two opposing forces created are spatially oriented at right angles to both the magnetic and electric field directions. When current is allowed to flow in the electric field direction, the propulsion effect is created. I have yet to see the scientific community give these two additional forces names. MHD propulsion can easily be created for demonstration purposes.

Now I have an untried idea for a time machine, what if we could take those two opposing forces and have them point in the same direction? It would definitely be similar to gravitational acceleration. Except you would have weight in the direction of your acceleration.


Looking at whatever UFO schematics available one concludes that many but not all need free energy source to feed the hight potential needed. However the Keshe foundation ufo seen in video flying at low altitude doesn't seems real looks cgi inspite of the many testimonials around the world..


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keshe himself intentionally puts out outlandish info in purpose to discredit himself and disenfranchise causally interested people. He only wants intelligent people who do due diligence.

this is why he called his company 'spaceship institute', etc.
he's legitimate but he's smart to disenfranchise manipulative immoral idiots so they leave.

vast majority of the public are remote controlled mentally and emotionally but they have no idea that it happening to them. They can self organize into serious legal, financial, emotional attacks up on organized groups of scientists that study free energy and get success.

it's a long topic but this is why there is absolutely no funded serious cooperation between free energy researchers. When there is, it always falls apart from infighting. No cabal, no elites are involved. It's all done remotely.

only takes one to disrupt the entire cooperative effort.
only one person with serious emotional, spiritual issues and presto, they become a portal and become heavily motivated and capable to destroy organized efforts. people don't believe it until they experience it first hand.

like a spiritual gangstalking effort that works through people.
most people have this extreme vulnerability. This is one of the major reasons people with working equipment never say a word.

and honestly they shouldn't either. humanity needs to grow up first and become more self aware and responsible before the extreme responsibility of free energy is gifted to them.

always remember this when talking to people who are skilled in the arts.
they are watching your conduct.
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I ran across an interesting interaction with magnets this morning on YouTube:

This behavior exactly mimics the behavior of an electron attracted to a nucleus. Then it seems to run into an impenetrable barrier.
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