Antigravity Experiments?


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I get the distinct feeling that by merely placing a permanent magnet next to an electromagnet, it will counter the force of gravity o_O..
Considering the thousands of scrap yard electromagnets around, you would expect at least a few cars would be flying around the scrap yards with photos taken of them :D..
pics or it didn't happen


I read a book on antigravity, it was impossible to put it down..
I saw keshe antigravity. Concept seemed like three balls in a triangle order and one in the center. Each of the balls has a smaller ball inside it. The balls contain chemical liquids causing them to spin and levitate in a group. A video was posted shown of what seemed like a tri-ball flying saucer. A simple sketch i put here. Many followers around the world sending their results because Mr.keshe is sharing the know how.


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I got in contact with Elio Porcelli, the author of the pdf I shared from research gate. They described the effect of opposing magnetic fields is through a non local event between the object and the Earth’s field, and something to do with quantum entanglement. I could share the answer with you guys if you want
Hi Anthony,

Lets try to explain in the simple way.

It is well known that the objects fall down in the accelerated way according to the gravitational interaction between them and the planet Earth. if another kind of aditional interaction occurs between the objects and the planet besides the gravitational one, such acceleration can vary.

My previous researchs showed that when we polarize a myriad of electric dipoles in dielectrics via strong electric fields or we magnetize a myriad of magnetic dipoles in magnetic cores via strong magnetic fields, the magnitude of the so called "nonlocal" interaction between them and the planet earth can be strongly amplified.
This suposed "nonlocal" interaction is the aditional one that can vary the fall down acceleration.

If we put two magnets in inversely conjoined way (SNNS or NSSN) and we drop down them, the divergence of magnetic lines will force the internal magnetic dipoles to point out in the omnidirectional way.
In this condition, the "nonlocal" forces between the internal magnetic dipoles and the planet Earth can be repulsive, that is, against the usual gravitational atraction. As results, the magnets will fall down more slowly than other neutral (ordinary) object.

If we drop down two magnets in magnetic atraction (SNSN or NSNS), the internal magnetic dipoles will point out in the convergent way (same direction). In this condition, the "nonlocal" forces between the internal magnetic dipoles and the planet Earth can be atractive. As results, the magnets will fall down more faster than other neutral (ordinary) object.

So, the so called additional "nonlocal" forces have a remarkable role in this kind of phenomena.
I supposed that all particles are in preexisting state of generalized quantum entanglement.

I hope could answer your enquiries.


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he's wrong
there's no convergence or divergence of magnetic field lines.
if there was, would mean a magnetic monopole and would be easily detected.

what he's missing is there's another field produced by the interaction of the two magnetic fields which does converge/diverge with the right geometries. This induces a secondary field that affects weight.

again this is a common confusion in this research. People assume since there's a presence of a magnetic or electric field that it must be only that. It's wrong, the fields are inducing a secondary field that has no "apparent impedance" to their generation.

Two fields.
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