Are you interested in cooperating with me in making chronovisor machines, the condition is that you have to be open-minded

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Are you using a Radio Scanner Receiver to listen to different areas/sectors of our Universe, in the hope of locating that mysterious radio signal?:).
The human brain is more sophisticated than radio receivers, because the human brain resembles a quantum computer


hello, I am from indonesia, I have had the knowledge to make chronovisor's machine. I want to make this machine. Would you like to work with me on this project?

But there are conditions, you have to be open-minded and don't tell anyone what you got from me.

agree or disagree?

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No problem. How do you start on this? I might be interested in building this. Is it expensive or hard to do? Do you have schemetics for this?


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The video began by underlining two types of Time-Travel, the first being "Outlander" that mentions some stones in the Scottish Highlands that can send people back in time...

The second type of Time Travel was by, "Latent Historical Vibration" which consisted of miniscule vibrations created by voices on the glass surface of an ordinary light bulb, and was used as the basis for the Chronovisor...

The problem with that is are we to believe that any type of light bulb shoved into a cabinet along with other bits and bobs can bring forth images and sounds from hundreds of years in the past?

Obviously the light bulb is the "detector" for those SOUNDS, but light bulbs were not around until 1835...Therefore how could the voices of people in the time period of Jesus be placed onto those bulbs, and where or what is the "detector" for receiving IMAGES, that are somehow amazingly synchronised with the sounds of SPEECH? :fp:

Light Bulbs From 1835...