Are you interested in cooperating with me in making chronovisor machines, the condition is that you have to be open-minded

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Alexandr Efimov1379

New Member
This device is dangerous, so don't give it to bad people. If for some reason you want to tell an instruction, primarily determine what the person will do using chronovisor(absolutely precisely, not in words).

To make chronovisor is one of the most important task for me in my life. If you found me reliable(necessarily check like always), I will really appreciate it . Write me more about chronovisor!

steven chiverton

Senior Member
not enough information to try make the chrono visor let alone materials, it maybe a better idea looking into the Russian mirror one it may have some clues in it maybe try convert that idea of mirrors into a chrono visor by vibrating it at various frequencies using pizeo electric speakers similiar idea is to use it like a photo phone but to receive images instead


Junior Member
The current technology of mankind cannot allow time to travel. So it is very difficult to bring a dead scientist back to life. Who told me how to make electronic devices to contact aliens. I am indeed making a Nikola Tesla soul radio these days, and I want to hear the voice of another dimension world.