Coronavirus and Martial Law — Conspiracy Theories Heating Up


where the wild things are
Jan 23, 2012
@Mayhem I believe if this gets severely out of hand, yes. If Martial Law is imposed, the military could establish mandatory testing for everyone in certain regions, anyone found to have covid is sent to a fema camp. I believe when the tests become more readily available and the time it takes for results to improve (an hour to a few minutes) that might end up happening.

I had a thought about my own county, we have such a low COVID infection case count currently that in theory, our city could be locked down entirely, nobody goes in or out. They could even pull a reverse by keeping highly infected places under absolute lock down, and further send infected to that area and used as a fema camp.

If the first were to happen where entire areas, cities are locked down for extremely low infections, imagine the landscape...