Did British Intelligence fund and create the universe?

Did British Intelligence fund the creation of the entire universe?

  • Yes, the British Intelligence existed before the creation of Britain.

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  • No, that's outlandish poppycock

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  • Yes they funded every event that ever took place in mankind

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  • Yep and the Metaverse is next!

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Did they make everything? Did their power never really wane?

What if British Intelligence funded everything that ever happened including virtually ALL world events and conspiracies?
Where would MI5 and MI6 get all the vast amounts of money from, and who specifically would they be funding? o_O:fp:


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They would need a time machine to send back space pilgrims to the beginning of time, holding a fat lad's fart creating the universe. Then they must have existed in the first place because the overintelligent space cow and her giant shrimp armada had destroyed the original big bang, and they needed to preserve their own timeline only to realize that it was not needed to begin with, because going back in time only created our timeline without effecting their own. :LOL:


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It seems like it, as Britan was an apex overdeveloped country. So there's a lot of intelligence there.