Media Gun Confiscation Begins in California

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walt willis

Senior Member
Forgot to address the word regulated as used during the time it was written.
The regular military were also called "Regulars" because of the ability to deliver a regulated rate of fire that could control the fire and maneuver of the forces on the field of battle.

I doubt that many of the contrary comments here were made by ex-military folks.
If you wish to remain looked upon as being informed, it may help to do your research from both sides of the issue.
I am not pro gun or anti-gun, just the facts are needed to make me smile.


Why is the 2nd amendment the only constitutional right you need a permit to use?

unless you wish to hide the gun you want to carry you need no permits at all,,, youtube is full of folks proving this out by carrying guns on public streets all over the country, here in mo. the permit to own is a formal background check done by the county sheriff's office so the gun dealers know you have not forfeited your right to own a gun by being a nut case or criminal.. this in my opinion is as it should be, but that's just my opinion


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Saw this on another site...It says it all. Think about the countries with genocide happening...the people can't defend themselves so become casualties of the elite, or elite wannabes, minority. Don't let anyone take your right to protect you and your family.


walt willis

Senior Member
There seems to be a movement in the nation to exercise the right to keep and bare arms by some people starting to carry weapons in the open.

I can see their point and the reason they may be doing that as a way to draw the anti-gun folks into the open and target them far!

The morning TV news report said the Target stores have requested that their patrons not carry weapons into the store.

Just as the Star Buck stores did in the past the no carry request had cost them customers.

Now would be a good time to do the boycott of all target stores.

If we do not hang together we will surly hang separately.

Man-up for your God given rights!


Temporal Engineer
Just throwing this on the table. How about using the anti-gun folks for target practice?