Had Emergency Surgery 2 Weeks Ago


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Sorry to hear of your illness Num7!!

Certainly happy you're still here with us!!!

Hope you're well on the mend.


steven chiverton

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Hey there,

Haven't been around much in the last 2 weeks. Thought I'd share what happened to me.

I had intense belly pain on Sept 17th, so much I had to go to the ER. It was my appendix. Before going to surgery though, I had to pass a COVID-19 test and wait for the result.

Passed the test in the morning of Sept 18th, had to wait until 10PM+ for the result. By that time, my appendix had burst and peritonitis was starting. I was poisoning myself from the inside. They finally rushed my to surgery, even though the COVID-19 result still wasn't in yet. The operation took quite a long time because the doctor had to do a lot of cleaning in order to remove all the pus and infection inside my tummy. She told me I could have died if they kept waiting.

They let me out the next day, I'm at home for a month without working. Can't carry anything heavy for 6 weeks. Man, that's a long time. It did hurt a lot for more than a week afterwards, so I understand why.

Last week I had to use a walking frame to walk because I was in pain and dizzy due to the ton of antibiotics they had me take. It took all my energy just to stand up and walk. Moving around with a walking frame is a pretty humbling experience, believe me.

Now I'm able to move properly, but slowly. My belly still hurts when I sneeze, so I gotta be careful.

This makes me appreciate when I'm healthy so much more. It never crossed my mind that such a thing could happen out of the blue. But it did. Enjoy when you're healthy, it's a gift. Too bad it took me this to realize it.

Take care, see you around!
glad your ok i had my appendix taken out after begging them to take it out as they wanted to try avoid putting me under the knife by trying to treat it with drugs that didn't work so finally they took it out and my stomach was swollen for days or longer till the infection had gone i to was very sore . but a year before this i got a pain in the same area so i used a parasite zapper to zap it away by killing the infection and a year later when i got it again my zapper was out of order and i didn't have anything to fix it so i went to hospital where i begged them to take it out even my partner begged to when she also got it latter on to so best use a parasite zapper to get rid of it before you end up going to hospital