Have any of you guys been to another dimension, or other odd place which didn't seem to belong in our world?


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Jun 25, 2018
"Have any of you guys been to another dimension, or other odd place which didn't seem to belong in our world?"

As time has gone on, i've felt that we all, are always shifting from one parallel universe to another, that the Soul/Spirit, is constantly travelling from one universe to another, depending upon the individual. And though i am no expert on science (especially not nearly as i much as i use to be in my younger years), i do believe, unless i am wrong, the theory of relativity is dependent upon the observer's experience? Perhaps that is how the universe is made? What if , Albert Einstein was correct, when he said "god does not play dice with the universe" ? I tend to believe , as the years go by, that the Spirit itself, is the Observer. And that it's entire life, (dependent upon one's own experience/view), is constantly shifting from one reality to another, allowing for "free will" to exist, and at the same time, allowing for all outcomes to exist, in order for all Soul's to be Free. Basically, the Soul travels from parallel universe to parallel universe, dependent upon it's own view point at any given moment. The Soul is not aware of the shifting, unless it is... Allowing for some to remember life differently than others... yet then again, i could be totally wrong, i just thought i'd let my philosophical side speak, though i could be absolutely totally wrong. basically, i feel , we are all shifting realities, based upon one's own view, yet perhaps we also are stuck inside certain types of worlds due to an effect of the environment? Two things, effect shifting, environment, and one's own view point, since environment can effect one's mood, and how one views things, since we are emotional (e-motion) beings.?

i don't know, i just thought i'd let out what my mind has to say bout this. i don't know if i make sense , am correct or not. yet there it is, that's my current thought on that question. our souls are constantly shifting. my question, is how does one direct the self into a world we Want to be in? I think directing the world , can happen, yet only if one is lucky enough to be heard perhaps... or perhaps not. or if one decides to be heard? i don't know. there's some philosophy from my mind. i have never felt at home in this world, yet i hope that changes, and at the same time, being around open minds for a peaceful changing future, helps me feel a bit more at home. i feel this world can live like star trek the next generation, in the sense of using tech to help all survive, so everyone can live in a home , with food and such, and i will continue to hope that such happens . peace all. :)
It makes some sense and it supports a multiverse theory. The choices we make on a daily basis are so minuscule that the changed outcome is not directly observable to us in a short period of time so we're completely unaware of traversing universes. What if each individual is their own universe and their observance is their reality but their choices are probability. Therefore our interactions with each other are universal interactions between dimensions. I feel like I'm trying too hard to make it make sense to the point I'm neglecting other theories that would tie into the workings of space-time. I still struggle with grasping the concept of space-time as a single entity or maybe it's just the concept of time itself as all we know and experience time to be is linear. Measurements of time are fabrications we devise from our direct experience of time.

Right now we're all just conspiracy theorists and nuts - despite the possibility and probability of time travel being real and existing (somewhere) in society today. Until our race comes forwards with this knowledge as public information, all of this remains speculative at best - as we damn well know there's no psychotic geniuses on this forum that have actually created a working machine to physically travel through space-time in any other method than linear forward traversal at a 1:1 ratio. And I do believe one must be "psychotic" to some degree, to not only fathom these ideas but to actively pursue them. Geniuses often battle with madness.

One DEFINITIVE time machine that can be theoretically proven and is also supported by the atomic clock experiment, is gravitational assistance. If you could create a gravity machine to distort gravity around you, you could travel into the future. Unfortunately it is one-way travel and it's not necessarily interdimensional travel. Sort of like in that Futurama movie where the professor creates a time machine that can only go forward in time and they end up fast forwarding through the end of time until the universe has another big bang and everything occurs again exactly the same but only 10 feet lower than the previous universe. Well, I guess that one was interdimensional travel when you wait until the universe "reboots" itself with another big bang.


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Jan 5, 2019
I'm just curious about it. I also think that experiences beyond earth are quite common
I have also read many stories about one parallel dimension named "7alem" and studied a few ancient books which claim that the earth has approximadely 77 dimensions, ours included, so I assume you may have an interesting tale to share.
(I am considering a parallel dimension as another world, with people, buildings and animals in it, which coexists which ourselves. Albeit this definition is different from what the show: Ricky and Morty' calls a dimension, any supernatural story is welcomed)
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