Hdr Owners?


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Anyone here own or have an HDR? they aere said to induce psychic encounters including astral travel. The main claim is it can make you time travel but of course that's hard to believe.

Anyone got one of these things? any experiences?
After using an HDR seem to see more paranormal experiences. There appears to be a connection with spooky stuff when I turn it on. OK as for going astral I was able to do this before I got an HDR machine. Also, I do not use an HDR on remote viewing.

RV is the easier route for you. All it takes is a pencil and some paper. The information is similar, but not the same. Here is an explanation to help you.


HDRkid I had a couple of Q's for you...

When using the HDR for attempting astral travel is it better to use the electromagnet on the stomach or the solar plexus? which is best?

I see you on the timechatter forum. I have tried to sign upto it for a long time, I get accepted but am still not able to actually enter into the forum despite having a proper id and password. Could you help me out here at all as I see you on that site. Thx.

Solar plexus it is.

When people ask me if they can learn Astral Time Travel. I give them a simple answer. Hell yes you can.

Astral is not easy. I have problems with exteriorization as do most other people, but it is the way I gain a lot of my knowledge of what is coming. Although it is not perfect, think of blind people who do echo location to move.

I have noticed than most time travellers are dare devils who live on the edge and take big risks because it is something they enjoy. They are people who seek adventure and are curious. Most are open to new and exciting experiences.
hey there HDRKID glad to see you took point here :)...I was hopin you would give your insite on this.. I am watchin the progress very close. I have been very doubtfull as to weather this stuff was real or not. frankly I been just to damn scared of frying my penut size brain to give it a go. I do have to say thow I been watchin you post on it for years now and well it must not be to dangerious. or your damn lucky either way rock on dude and please keep us up to speed thanks;)
I can't

I cannot get a freakin' stick reaction!!! can I still proceed with out one? :( I really can't seem to get one no matter how relaxed I am :( Also.....how long can you actually apply the electromagnet to yourself before it overheats? whats the recommended time? how long are you supposed to wait with each HDR session? thx.
The key is to tune to the frequency using controls until you get the right one.

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With remote viewing you can see future events before they are in the headlines and act on them before most people become aware.